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Mamaearth Soothing Massage Oil for Babies with Sesame, Almond and Jojoba Oil

Rs. 299.00

Massaging your baby is a great way to help them gain mobility faster. Mamaearth’s soothing massage oil has Sesame oil that helps in strengthening the muscles and improves your baby’s weight gain. Our massage oil also has Sweet Almond Oil that moisturizes the skin and gets easily absorbed into it. It also aids in repairing dry skin and improves skin complexion. Jojoba Oil aids in minimizing the chances of sun damage on your baby’s skin. Massaging your baby with this 100% natural and MadeSafe certified oil is the best form of love you can give to your baby.

To grant the utmost comfort & safest care to your kid, Mamaearth presents Soothing Massage Oil (Buy Massage Oil Babies). Mama Earth Soothing Baby Oil is infused with Olive, Sweet Almond and Jojoba Oil have been clinically studied for mildness and safety. It’s a light, non-staining oil you can use before bath time to massage baby’s skin or use it after the bath for comforting moisture. And while you’re at it, baby yourself!

Massage into baby’s skin as often as needed, especially after bathing.

Help the baby gain mobility and strengthen muscles.
Keep the skin moisturized.
Improve the skin’s texture and tone.

Cold-pressed Sesame (Til) Oil, Coconut, Olive, Sweet Almond & Jojoba Oils.