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It's was suggested by skinlayer blogger in Insta and I tried it and now I can visibly see the results ... I will definitely repurchase it again thq VW

I did not received the replacement

Dont buy from their website they sent me a damaged product and promised to get it replaced but the replacement never arrived. Pathetic service

It’s average product

Very light in terms of moisture. I love the rainbow oil and Kajal so gave it a try.

Foy Naturals Walnut & Pumpkin Seed Exfoliating Face Wash
Amrita Gopalakrishnan (Chennai, India)
Best face wash / scrub

This is one of my best finds. I’m in love with this face wash / scrub. Though it has particles that scrubs your face, it’s very gentle and leaves your face moisturised. Smells amazingg !!

It gives a little white cast after applying it. but white cast will go away after few minutes. It is effective for few hours after applying.

ENN pucker

I have been using this lipbalm since February and I was so impressed about it. As my product I ran out, I recently bought it again and this time was so disappointed with the texture. Previously it was so smooth and hydrating but now it's of a grainy texture and smells like ghee. I tried messaging ENN'S Closet to know whether they had actually changed the texture or was it a problem with my tub, but recieved no response.

Shankara Blemish Support Serum
Priyanka (Delhi, India)
Blemish support system

Quiet good serum for blemished skin. It is clear like water with almost zero fragrance. I use it alone after washing the face.


Loved the shampoos..

Good sunscreen but the tube needs improvements.

The sunscreen blends very well when I apply it after moisturising my face (my skin type is dry and sensitive) and there's no white cast. It doesn't feel heavy and I love the feel of it. But the tube is a huge disappointment. The cream began to leak through the sides by the 3rd use and by the 4th use, the cap totally broke apart from the rest of the tube. I had to store them airtight in a seperate container and I'm not sure how long they will last like this. I'd love if Qurez comes up with better container and in larger quantities.

The Tribe Concepts Hair Grow Kit
Sowmya (Hyderabad, India)

I love tribe concpets products mainly miracle oil and hair cleanser .

Tvakh Marine Oil Free Moisturizer
kavya reddy (Hyderabad, India)
good results

I feel anytime why my skin is very dry..? I used a lot of Moisturizers to reduce it but no results, then I ordered this Moisturizer, it makes my skin glow and smooth and Also I get this product with a huge discount by GRAB ON coupon codes

A very thick and nourishing conditioner

Qurez Vegan Shampoo Bar with Lavender & Keratin
Karishma Colabawalla (Mumbai, India)
Just so good.

This was my first time with shampoo bar and oh I loved it. It makes my hair so soft and smooth. Cleans thoroughly but is not very drying. It was a little challegyat first as I had no idea how to use the bar for hair wash but i quickly learnt how it works for me and now I enjoy it. A little goes a long way. Only drawback is that the bar is so soft it lost its round shape in 3 washes and now it's become a pulp and I've to keep it in a box and scoop a little everytime I wanna use it.

Bubblefarm Aloe Vera Gel
Priyanka P (Chennai, India)


So Soft!!!

These pads are so soft, you won't feel you're wearing pads. Really comfortable. Definitely give it a try.

Dr. Sheth's Centella & Vitamin E Cleanser
Priyadarshini Karmakar (Bhopal, India)
Fragrance isn't acceptable in this era!!

Except for the fragrance and the weird red beads, the face wash does a decent job of cleansing the face and not making it dry. Won't buy again unless the fragrance is checked!

Fix My Curls Everyday Moisturizing Shampoo
seema ambavat (Gurgaon, India)
Everyday moisturizing shampoo

This isna very nice and mild shampoo with a soothing fragrance.It won't lather as its a kind of cowash.Best to be used on the days you haven't oiled hair or have sweat in hair.Its so mild and refreshing.Best for dry and frizzy hair.I would definitely repurchase it.

Rustic Art Neem Basil Face Wash Concentrate
saketh Tarapatla (Hyderabad, India)

Rustic Art Neem Basil Face Wash Concentrate

Dot & Key Pollution & Acne Defense, Green Clay Mask

Klome Essentials Lip Oil, Orange & Cinnamon Mimosa
Jyoti Singh (Muzaffarpur, India)
Very very product

Must have product


This product is freaking incredible if you wanna use a single hair styler which gives hold and moisturizers.... 5/5
But yea the quantity is less.... A month with a tin is a struggle if u wash ur everyday third day... Quantity should be make 200gms of it

Bella Vita Organic Growth Protein Hair Masque
Sristi Suman (Kolkata, India)

It is a good hair masque overall


It hydrates my lips and adds beautiful colour to my lips.

Sapphire Botanics Pulp, Mango Body Butter
Yasmine kureshi (Noida, India)
Great product

Love the texture and performance of product