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Vanity Recycle Program

With “giving back to the society” at the core of our brand ethos, VANITY WAGON is an environment-conscious and clean beauty market.

With the effort of our conscientious indie labels, we are rolling up our  sleeves and rolling back the indiscriminate generation of plastic packaging  waste from our practices and adopting a sustainable solution towards the benefit of our environment.

As we firmly believe in safe, clean and sustainable beauty. In a time when recycling is more important than ever, we’re all taking more and more steps  to minimize our carbon footprint.

In this initiative, we have exclusively joined hands with Ecowise, a waste management company that has been turning the spotlight on to reduce waste in an eco-friendly way.

Now, if you’re tinkering with the question, how to contribute?

Adopt this eco-conscious way to shop guilt-free!

Recycling Is Rewarding With Us!