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Mamaearth Anti-Pollution Face Cream with Turmeric and Pollustop, PM 2.5

Rs. 349.00

Even though atmospheric pollution leaves a deleterious effect on your face, you cannot avoid going out and engage in your daily activities. This unique lightweight cream offers tough protection from pollution and UV rays while being gentle on the skin. The non-greasy formula forms a shield to protect against dirt, pollution, and the sun. Enriched with soothing Turmeric Extract and nourishing Carrot Extract, it keeps your skin calm and nourished.

Turmeric Extract restores elasticity, brightens the complexion, and keeps skin moisturized. Carrot improves skin elasticity, nourishes, and repairs skin. Pollustop® forms an invisible shield to protect your skin from free radical damage and acne-causing dirt.

The Anti-Pollution Face Cream is dermatologically-tested and suitable for all skin types. It’s completely free of harmful chemicals like Sulfates, Parabens, Silicones, Petrolatum, and Dyes.80
Step 1: Use adequate amount and apply all over face & neck.
Step 2: Use morning & night, alone or under make-up.

Turmeric: It has antiseptic properties that reduce free-radical damage to the cells and keep the skin healthy and glowing. Pollustop®: It significantly protects skin cells from sun damage & other atmospheric pollution. Also, it acts against UV damage & tan caused due to sun exposure.

Daisy Flower Extract: It brightens skin and prevents hyperpigmentation. Its antiseptic properties remove bacteria from the skin’s surface.

Carrot Root Extract: It softens the skin tissues by infusing moisture & provides essential antioxidants to the skin.