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Quick Self-Care Routine for Hustlers

Ditch the drama of ‘no time to care’ and get on our wagon with these clean and healthy products to have an all round self care routine that actually feels caring. This is your simple guide of ‘must includes’ in your daily care routine, that barely asks for anything but offers your body a clean, refreshed and replenished sense of feeling. To ease your pressure of picking and choosing the right products, we have made a list that will definitely leave you satisfied and asking for more. Scroll down to read about a routine of products that focuses on you from head to toe and gives your skin everything it’s asking for. 

 1. Goya Basics Bhringraj Oil

A self massage therapy before shampooing can go a long way for strengthening your hair. This Bhringraj oil helps stimulate hair growth, improves the structure and volume of the hair, and strengthens the hair to resist damage. A quick hair massage and its rejuvenating powers can help stimulate blood circulation which not only nourishes and strengthens your hair but also leaves you relaxed and prepared to face your day ahead. 

 2. Manetain Oh So Clean Clarifying Shampoo

Lather away dirt & dryness with this Oh So Clean Clarifying Shampoo. Vegan and made of all the natural yummies for your hair, this shampoo chelates, exfoliates and clarifies your scalp without drying your hair. It leaves your hair soft and full of life furthermore leaving it smelling fresh all day long. 

 3. Bare Anatomy Expert Ultra Smoothing Hair Mask for All Hair Types

A good hair mask like this is literally food for your hair. A basic shampoo and a conditioner is not enough to revive your hair that goes through so much throughout when you’re out and about. This incredible hair mask enriches your hair with keratin and protein, which reduce damage and restore lost protectants of your hair. Its power ingredients repair the hair damage by infusing essential fatty acids into the hair shaft, thereby making it softer, healthier and shinier.

 4. Pulp Off-Duty Superfood Cleanser with Blueberry & Green Tea

Clear your face and also all the worries with this nourishing gentle yet strong face cleanser. It not only rids your face of all impurities but also hydrates and brightens your skin all while providing nourishment. Enriched with Glycerin, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Aloe vera extract whose goodness is all that your face needs. 

 5. Brillare Age Revival Moisturiser

This moisturizer by Brillare is an ultra-lightweight nourishing creme that you need to bag right now! Its multiple and effective benefits are what make it a hands-on moisturizer that combats all weathers and woes.The combination of active vegan ingredients tightens skin & reduces fine lines and lifts wrinkles. Being a clean product, it keeps your skin hydrated and restores the glow of your skin with consistent use. 

 6. SunScoop Fluid Sunscreen SPF 60

You simply can not go on with your day without worrying about the harmful and damaging effects of the sun. Sunscreen plays a vital role in protecting your skin from sunburn, skin cancer and premature aging.This is exactly why you need a handy sunscreen which takes on the big role easily. SunScoop’s Fluid Sunscreen with SPF 60 is suitable for all skin types and is made with all the goodness from nature. It doesn’t leave a cast, so you look like yourself and not a 90’s ghost. Infused with Omega Oil and Vitamin E, it provides intense hydration and skin nourishment while Octocrylene neutralizes UV radiation dissipated by sunlight and minimizes skin damage from prolonged sun exposure.

 7. Chemist at Play Brightening Body Lotion with Ceramides

This Chemist at Play’s body lotion lives up to its name as it has the perfect blend of ingredients that suit all skin types. This body lotion enriched with Vitamin E, really goes deep into the skin and works its magic by moisturizing and creating a barrier to improve hydration and nourishment. It also protects your skin from the damaging effects of the sun and leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and supple. 

 8. Oleum Cottage Ultra Healing Foot Cream

The fast paced life we all live in calls for us to be constantly on our feet. And during this race, we often ignore taking care of our feet as it seems ‘unnecessary’, which should not be the case. Dry and flaky skin on the feet looks as un-aesthetic as it feels. Oleum Cottage Ultra Healing Foot Cream comes to rescue here. Made of healing oils of peppermint, tea tree, thyme, this rich crème not only softens hard, cracked or painful heels, relieves stress and tingling sensation but also aids cell regeneration. Easy to use and very effective, you simply massage it on your feet after washing them at night and let it work its magic while you have a good night’s sleep. 

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