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Brand Talk: Pure By Priyanka

Brand Talk: Pure By Priyanka

A blend of ancient Ayurvedic secrets and modern science is what Pure by Priyanka -Myoho aims to deliver. Infused with simple, yet potentially effective nature-derived ingredients, they seek to combine the best of both worlds. All their products have been formulated keeping 'Myoho' in mind, which means to revive or to improve. Crafted in extremely small batches, the products are fresh, pure and non-toxic.

Founded by Ms. Priyanka Sarna, whose love for beauty and skincare stemmed from looking at her Dadi (paternal grandmother) regularly fixing some home-based remedy for her grandchildren. Right since then, from mortar and pestles, to formulating her own range, she has come a long way! Here, we get in conversation with Priyanka to give us some exciting insights into our favourite brand.

1. As we are aware, Pure by Priyanka was started in your kitchen. Tell us more about what inspired you to start your brand?


The answer lies in your question itself, the keen interest I had in the home remedies I watched my grandmother make through my childhood inspired me to start experimenting with them myself.

This coupled with the strong belief I held in the rich natural resources that mother earth has to offer and their benefits led me to notice a gap in the market for products that beautify skin and hair in a more natural and safe way and hence the seed for Pure By Priyanka was sowed.


2. Congratulations on completing 5 Years. That is a huge milestone to be proud of. How does it feel to have come this far?


Thank you so much, and it is indeed a huge milestone for a person like me for whom this endeavor began as a humble operation run from my kitchen. At the same time, I am very proud of this success, as we have strived continuously towards expansion and to make a mark in the beauty industry.  


3. What's upcoming for Pure by Priyanka?


At Pure by Priyanka our constant endeavor has been to cater to our customers the best we can. We aim to continue down this path by listening to our customers, constantly revolutionising our product line by crafting new products and also tailoring our existing line as per the customer experience. Recently, we launched a brand new product, the PBP hair fortifying serum, this was done to cater to the numerous requests we received about a product that could provide a transformative hair experience, while also fighting common hair concerns. 


4. Do you follow a skincare routine? What does your skincare routine look like?


Yes, I believe you should only sell what you believe in! Since I am 40+ and have dry skin with pigmentation. I apply a couple of suitable products from the PBP line that go with my skin type. I am religious about my AM & PM skin care routine.


5. What do you feel, is the current scenario of clean beauty evolution in India, are we there yet?


In my opinion clean beauty is a concept that each brand should embrace in its truest essence. The Clean Beauty Evolution has really taken off recently and for good reason! I believe it is essential to have complete transparency about whether a product is being ethically sourced and stay true to the ingredients list you show to your customers. At PBP, our production philosophy has always stayed true to #NoNastyStuff. 

Similarly, from the customer’s perspective when we read an ingredient list and spot chemicals such as parabens and preservatives, we should try to refrain from coming to the immediate conclusion that this product is not natural. I believe customers too need to be educated in this regard before the Indian beauty community as a whole can achieve clean beauty standards.


6. What are some of your best selling products? What is your favourite product?


Some of our best sellers include, our Luxurious Glow Face Serum, Facial Ubtan, Green Tea Toner, Vitamin C Serum, Sandalwood Mask and Aloe Moisture Surge. 

 My personal favourites include the Illuminati Powder Cleanser (which I use twice a day) and Aloe Moisture Surge (which I use daily in my AM & PM skincare routine and last but not least, the Buttercream- Ghee Based Moisturiser.


7. Apart from Pure by Priyanka, do you have any other favourite clean beauty brand/s on Vanity Wagon?


My personal favourites include Juicy chemistry and Suganda Skincare. 


8. How has been your journey with Vanity Wagon so far?


Our journey with Vanity Wagon has been a wonderful experience so far, because we believe we share the same views and philosophies about work ethics and of course clean beauty.

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Sejal - January 25, 2022

Few product specially sandal wood mask is good pick

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