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Yoga Bar Multigrain Energy Bar Variety Box (Vanilla Almond, Orange Cashew, Chocolate Chunk Nut, Nuts and Seeds) Box of 10 Bars - 38gm X 10 Bars

Rs. 400.00

Multigrain Healthy Bars: Protein and Fibre Rich, Naturally Fortified and Nutritious with Oats, Millets and Almond.

First ingredient: The first ingredients in all the bars are nutritious ingredients like whole grains, nuts, berries, and seeds.

Protein and Fibre rich bars: A higher mix of the important nutrients.

No Corn Syrup or Artificial Sweeteners: only dates and honey to sweeten our bars. Our multigrain bars have less sugar than most granola bars.

No Hydrogenated Oils / Fats: Because natural fats from Almond and peanuts are good for us.

No Artificial Preservatives: These natural energy bars are free of preservatives – we want long term health for our consumers not a long life on the shelves for our bars