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Stock Up Now | Use code STOCKUP15 and get 15%* Off

RAS Luxury Oils Tea Tree Essential Oil, Rejuvenating and Reviving

Rs. 900.00

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Aids in the swift healing of wounds and protects them from infections. Diminishes scars, Blemishes, and Acne with its strong antioxidant properties. Fights hair troubles such as Hair Loss and Dandruff. Provides relief from Muscle & Joint Pain. Aids in reducing inflammation. Acts as a stimulant for blood circulation and secretion of hormones in the body. Boosts the immune system.

Aromatic: Use a few drops with a diffuser of your choice or mix with water and use as a spritz

Topical: Blend 2-4 with a carrier oil, lotion or cream, use one drop directly on the desired area, or add a few drops to a warm bath.

Reduces scars, Blemishes, and Acne.
Fights Hair Loss and Dandruff.
Relieve Muscle & Joint Pain.
Aids swift healing of wounds.

100% Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil.