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Stock Up Now | Use code STOCKUP15 and get 15%* Off

RAS Luxury Oils Peppermint Essential Oil, Invigorating and Refreshing

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Acts as an aid for digestion and in balancing flatulence. It is a tonic for those who have a low appetite, and helps treating motion sickness and nausea.Helps increase immunity to various diseases and fight infections, growth of fungus and viruses, is used in many alternative treatments.Increases blood circulation with its stimulating effect. Acts as a natural remedy to alleviate headaches, migraine, sore muscles and joints, stiffness and inflammation. The intense cooling sensation provided by it helps speed up the healing process.
Aromatic: Use a few drops with a diffuser of your choice or mix with water and use as a spritz

Topical: Blend 2-4 with a carrier oil, lotion or cream, use one drop directly on desired area or add a few drops to a warm bath
Alleviates headaches and sore muscles
Stimulates mental activity and enhances focus
Relieves from respiratory problems
Stimulates healthy hair and nail growth

100% Pure Peppermint Essential Oil