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Organic Harvest Daily Nourishing Night Cream with Olive Oil

Rs. 445.00

Organic Harvest Daily Nourishing Night Cream has antioxidants rich formula which stimulates collagen production overnight. It is a highly nourishing organic face cream that repairs, moisturises and slows down ageing and improves the appearance of uneven and dull skin.

Daily Nourishing Night Cream is a great skincare routine in the night assures best looking skin during the day. Newly fortified with Olive Oil, Olive Plant extracts and soybean; it revitalizes and moisturizes the skin all night long to wake you up to dewy soft skin. Its certified and 100% natural extracts act as antioxidants to reduce skin damage caused by pollution and aids anti-ageing. Natural Moisturizing Factors ensure supple, soft and rejuvenated skin.
Apply a generous amount of product on freshly cleansed skin after using a Green Cucumber Toner , starting at the neck and working your way up to the face.

Lessens the appearance of fine lines
Maintains moisture
Reduces skin damage
Delays ageing
Aqua, soybean extract, olive plant leaves extract & olive oil in cream base. No added colours.