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Neemli Naturals Coco Lip Balm

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Lips can be dry because of a variety of reasons from cold weather, lack of water intake, dry air, or excessive licking, correspondingly that is when lips need an external source of conditioning.

The Coco Lip balm is an excellent hydrating ointment that helps lips retain moisture, nourished, soft and smooth. Cocoa Lip Balm is a vegan blend of Coconut Oils, Olive Oil, Carnauba Wax. Made with organic ingredients. Coco lip balm is Vegan and Cruelty-free. We source the best ingredients for our products. This product contains the ingredients mentioned and nothing more. None of our lip products have any fragrances, colorants or fillers added to them.

100 % natural and are free from petrochemicals, animal products, PEGs, synthetic colors, alcohol, and parabens.

Conditions Chapped Lips | Fights Pollutants | Shines | Vegan | Softens Lip Texture.

Apply liberally to lips with clean fingertips any time lips need hydration and nourishment.

An all-natural nourishing and moisturizing lip conditioner that softens chapped and dry lips. Should be used liberally throughout the day.

Coconut Oil: Using Coconut oil Softens chapped lips and retains moisture leaving it smooth and glistening.

Olive Oil: In particular, Olive Oil nourishes dry lips and is an excellent conditioner. Specifically, it helps with excessive darkening of lips due to smoking and free radicals.

Candelilla Wax: It’s important to realize Candelilla Wax gives the lip balm a spreadable consistency whilst keeping lips hydrated and protecting from environmental aggressors.