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Life & Pursuits Virgin & Cold Pressed, Organic Coconut Oil

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Life & Pursuits Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from Coconut milk and not from dried Coconut shells, in accordance with the authentic Ayurveda method, retaining all nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Skin: Pour a small amount of the oil in hands and massage gently so that it gets absorbed. It may be washed after some time with a natural body cleanser.

Hair: Massage the oil gently on scalp/hair roots and leave it for some time, ideally overnight. Use only a natural hair cleanser to wash it off.

Use regularly for the best results.

Nourishes skin, improves skin’s texture and tone. It also has excellent skin repairing properties. Promotes hair growth, improves hair quality, adds lustre to dull hair, provides natural conditioning.