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Just Herbs Apricot Sparkle, Invigorating Skin Radiance Scrub

Rs. 695.00

A specially formulated cream enriched with pure expressed oil of Apricot kernels to unmask your true complexion by the gentle mechanical buffing action of Persian walnut shell grains, sloughing away dry, dead and flaky skin while stimulating cellular regeneration and allowing smoother and lively skin to the surface.

It helps dissolve the sebum build-up to unclog the pores and to liven up dull skin. It effectively smoothes the rough patches of skin and even softens the hardened skin on the elbows and creates an even color tone to smoothen, purify and beautify the complexion.

Buff the skin gently and slough away dry, dead and flaky skin.
Rich and creamy texture and does not dry out the skin.

Apricot Kernel Oil, Juglans Regia (Persian Walnut) Shell Grains.