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Green And Beige Recreo Hair Serum for Sheen & Nourish

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This leave-on hair scalp serum is quite simply the most attentive constant your hair can ask for. A few drops of this actives-packed serum are enough to correct nutritional deficiencies in your hair fibers and scalp.


Take a small squirt of the Green And Beige Sheen And Nourish on to the pads of your fingertips. Rub the fingertips of both hands and gently deliver the same on to your scalp and hair strands. Ensure to use on clean hair and scalp.Applying onto damp hair and scalp ensures better results with penetration.


1. Scalp and hair nourishment
2. Hair follicle strengthening
3. Shine
4. Antioxidant
5. Moisturise
6. Anti-pollution shield
7. Prebiotic scalp microbiome


This serum can be best described as rich morsels of nutrients distilled in a few drops. Just rubbing in a wee bit on your hair and scalp can instantly perk up hair fibers, transforming them noticeably. What we have is a lightweight concentrate that’s packed with some powerhouse nutrients. Squalane from olives contains antioxidants that make it a superb detoxifier against damage inflicted by pollutants and harsh weather. This ultra-moisturising, multi-benefit, lightweight marvel can instantly make hair soft and lustrous, and prevent breakages. Passionfruit oil, used for centuries by Amazonian tribes for its anti-ageing properties, is rapidly absorbed in the hair. It is full of Vitamins A, C, E, and K, which collectively regenerate cells, regulate sebum secretion (and, therefore, prevents dandruff), and create an occlusive layer on each strand that protects it from harsh sunlight, environment toxins, and heat treatments. It strengthens hair roots as well as split ends making hair grow out longer.Soybean oil, Carrot Root extracts, Beta Carotene and Tocopherol in combination makes the serum rich in Vitamins C and E as well as protein, which encourages hair growth, nourish fibers and help promote hair volume. Manuka, black pepper and magnolia work as a synergistic complex of extracts to mediate between the natural microflora of the scalp and the skin on your scalp to keep everything running in perfect balance. The humid environment and prolific sebum production on the scalp give rise to pathogens that are unique to it. This botanical complex keeps the balance of microorganisms from going awry, and triggering dandruff and a whole lot of irritating skin conditions. Antioxidants from Tocopherol Acetate offer pollution defence and strengthen hair roots by destroying free radicals that accelerate ageing of hair fibers. Fatty acids of omega-3 and omega-6 A are required to prevent hair loss. We have ensured to add this combination of fatty acids from sunflower, corn, olives, sesame, and macadamia so your hair has abundant nourishment at all times.The Hair Solutions Sheen And Nourish Serum is indeed a fuss-free way to offer your hair all that it needs for it to bounce and shine at its healthiest best.




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