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Dr. Sheth's Rosehip & Retinoid Power Emulsion with Hyaluronic Acid

Rs. 1,200.00

All skin types including sensitive skin


Our Rosehip and Retinol Power Emulsion harnesses the power of retinoids all while being gentle and specially formulated for sensitive Indian skin!

Our skin normally regenerates every 30 days to shed out the dead skin cells. Retinoids speed up that process to 14-21 days. When our skin sheds, it allows our newly regenerated cells to essentially start with a fresh canvas and you see a visible improvement in Pigmentation and Sunspots, reduced fine lines and wrinkles and even Acne.

Other retinol and retinoids on the market can be irritating. Using them without supervision may inflame already aggravated Indian skin if it's already irritated. Ours comes with Granactive retinoid, which is gentle, effective and perfect for sensitive skin.

The Bakuchiol (aka nature’s “retinoid”) in the formulation works with the granactive retinoid to power up the speed and efficacy of the process. The Rosehip seed oil with the goodness of Vitamin A gets you glowing and Vitamin C - Brightens and repairs your skin. And to top it all off, a good amount of Hyaluronic acid for hydration because brown skin can always do with more of that! (and did we mention its perfume-free?).


Our retinoid is beginner-friendly! All you need to do is post-cleansing, use a smidge at night before bed - alternate with our daily peel for best results and watch your skin glow in a few weeks.

And remember the sunscreen! ALL retinoids make Indian skin more susceptible to UV and pollution and we must be sure to apply a generous layer of SPF to keep our skin protected.


With wide-ranging benefits like Anti-Ageing and  Acne-fighting, De-Pigmentation and brightening, our Rosehip and Retinol Power Emulsion will definitely find a permanent spot in your skincare routine.


Hero Ingredients: Bakuchiol (Anti-Ageing, Anti- Acne), Hyaluronic acid
(hydrating), Rosehip seed oil (clarifying, repair), Granactive Retinoid.