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Dot & Key Skin Plumping Moisture Infusion, Water Sleeping Mask

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Imagine hitting the reset button on your skin overnight, erasing the impact of stress and fatigue, and waking up to fresh, well rested appearance the next morning? This is exactly what Dot & Key Skin Plumping Water Sleeping Mask does. It instantly floods skin with moisture and keeps skin happily hydrated for hours.

A luxuriously bouncy hydrating face mask starring calming cucumber and chamomile, it smoothes, plumps and perfects the skin while you sleep. It works overnight to reverse the damaging effects of UV, pollution and smoke on skin. Anti-oxidant concentrated formula sink into the skin to work from within, while the uplifting fragrance of Bulgarian rose leaves you feeling relaxed. Featuring water magnet hyaluronic acid, this sleep mask continuously infuses high doses of moisture putting extra thirsty skin to bed. Layer it on, get some beauty sleep and prepare to wake up to rejuvenated skin, effortlessly.

Scoop out a generous amount and massage onto cleansed face and neck.
Leave on overnight for deep hydration.
Rinse off in the morning.
Can be used nightly, as the final step of your bedtime routine.

Key Highlights:

-Overnight water sleeping mask for intense hydration and skin moisturization.
-Contains potent ingredients like hyaluronic acid, chamomile, cucumber and Bulgarian rose.
-Reverses the damaging effects of pollution, UV rays and smoke on the skin.
-This sleep mask provides intense hydration and keeps skin moisturized.
-Reduces the appearance of under-eye dark circles, puffiness and dullness.
-Reliefs dull, exhausted skin and reverse the damaging effects of pollution and smoke.
-Contains antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. Makes skin look plump and supple in the morning.
-Replaces the dull, exhausted look with a well-rested and fresh appearance.

Dermatologist tested, vegan formula
-This product is free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates and other skin nasties


Bulgarian Rose: Reduces redness and skin irritation. Acts as a natural skin hydrator that soothes and relaxes with its divine, uplifting fragrance.
Chamomile: Has anti-inflammatory properties that calm tired, fatigued eyes while working for a smooth skin appearance.
Hyaluronic Acid: Intensively hydrates by infusing moisture deep into the skin layers. Makes skin look plump, fresh and supple.
Cucumber: With anti-inflammatory properties, that takes care of dull skin and relaxes eyes with its natural soothing essence.
Glycerine: A superb humectant, glycerine keeps the skin hydrated and nourished while maintaining its water balance.

36 Months From the Manufacturing Date.

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Dot and key water sleeping mask

Its a good mask,hydrating fir the skin, has a mild soothing fragrance.