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Get 15% Off, Use Code: FESTIVE15
Get 15% Off, Use Code: FESTIVE15

Disguise Cosmetics C+C Sorbet, Ultra Cooling and Calming Balm

Rs. 400.00

Ultra Cooling and Calming Balm

- Avocado (Healing)
- Olive and Seaweed (Nourishing)
- Aloe and Betain (Moisturize and Soothe)
- Vitamin E and Green Tea (Antioxidant)

- Ultra-light, nutrient-packed calming lotion for instantly hydrated and refreshed skin
- Intensely nourishes and calms the skin
- Recharges, replenishes and protects your skin barrier
- Has a lightweight texture that is absorbed easily into the skin
- Reduces sun damage and premature ageing
- Suitable for combination, oily, normal, dry and sensitive skin

- Use a coin-sized amount on the face with massaging strokes for instantly refreshed skin! Wipe off the remaining on your palms and hands to keep them soft and healthy too.
- For dry and dehydrated skin, follow up with few drops of the Rainbow Glow Oil once the product is fully absorbed to lock in the moisture.
- Can be used below makeup for a priming effect.

- Toxins
- Lead
- Parabens
- Alcohol
- Sulphates