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New Year, New You | 16% Off, Use Code NEWYOU16
New Year, New You | 16% Off, Use Code NEWYOU16

Clay Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Stimulating & Balance

Rs. 345.00

For centuries, this oil has found its importance as a fragrance with a curative potential on the body, mind and spirit. The use of eucalyptus in holistic medicine has taken a long leap within a couple of years.

Its aroma is fresh, alive and free. Also one of the most powerful forms of natural medicine, EVER!

Topical application: Dilute 1 drop with 1 tbsp suitable carrier oil, apply over the skin with fingertips and gently massage onto your skin until fully absorbed at bedtime.

Home: Add 4-8 drops in a Diffuser.

Essential oils can be effectively used through the sense of smell in candles, bed linen, wardrobes, potpourri, bathtub etc

• 100% Natural.
• Relieves Itchy Scalp.
• Treats Acne, Scratches and Burns.
• Promotes a feeling of clear breathing and open airways.
• Decongestant.
• Powerful Anti-Septic.
• Cures Migraine.
• Lessens Muscle Aches.
• Rejuvenates Mind and Body.

2 Years