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Stock Up Now | Use code STOCKUP15 and get 15%* Off

Arganic By Aryanveda, 100% Organic Moroccan Argan Hair Serum with Argan Oil

Rs. 600.00

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With Arganic Hair Serum, care of hair would become a child’s play. It is enriched with natural ingredients to transform the beauty of your hair in a matter of few days. It contains Natural Argan oil and Vitamin E. It is able to penetrate the hair shaft and repair damaged hair follicles.

It detangles your hair and prevents breakage and ideal for taming rough, dry, frizzy, and unmanageable hair. The presence of unsaturated Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids helps repair damaged and chemically treated hair. It also prevents any dryness. Arganic Hair Serum also has sunscreen agent which helps to protect your hair from the sun and let them flaunting care-free.

1. First, you need to take two to three drops of the serum on your palm and start applying very gently on damp hair.
2. It is to be made sure that the application of the serum is done from root to tip of the hair very gently.
3. Now, the serum that is leftover in your hands, use the same to apply on the top part of the hair.

Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Omega 3, Omega 9.