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Purearth Kwansha Facial Beauty Coin

Rs. 5,900.00

A first of its kind, the Kwansha Beauty Coin is a custom designed facial massage tool. An ancient healing metal in Ayurveda, our Kwansha Beauty Coin brings vitality, radiance and health for beautiful skin from the inside out.

The Kwansha Beauty Coin works on the skin, underlying connective tissues, boosting immunity and balancing the bio electric, magnetic and energetic prana fields of our body. Draws out pitta and heat, acidity, blockages, impurities and toxins from the skin and the system. A facial massage with the Kwansha Beauty Coin aids micro circulation, promoting oxygen rich blood flow to the skin, imparting a luminous glow!

A special metal alloy, each piece is hand crafted by our master artisans in the art of “kansa” metal making with a patina and finish that is unique to each piece. Designed to bring balance and symmetry to the face, our Kwansha Beauty Coin will help lift, tone and shape the facial contours while bringing suppleness to skin with regular use. We hope you embrace the minor imperfections of each handcrafted piece as an intrinsic part of the beauty of the tool.

Patent pending (app #201921005589)

The curves of our Kwansha Beauty Coin are custom designed to fit into the grooves of the facial contours.

Use deep, slow and firm but gentle sweeping strokes from the centre of the face outward to stimulate, lift and tone. Focus on the forehead, eye contours, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and the jawline. Work from the back of your neck to the front and down along the sides, to stimulate the lymph glands and release toxins.

Always pair the Kwansha Coin with one of our oils to lubricate skin so there is no pulling tugging or dryness.

Hold the Kwansha Coin in a static position, then fit its curves into the contours of your face. Hold for 18 counts in each area. Repeat again for a deeper effect. Alternatively, repeat in sweeping strokes 9 times for each area.

Draw your conscious intelligence into each movement, penetrating from the outward in; from the skin to the deepest cellular level. Self massage is an intuitive and natural act. The Kwansha Beauty Coin is a simple yet powerful tool to complement your skincare rituals. Always mirror the massage on each side of the face and neck for symmetry, beauty and balance.

Caution and contraindications: Be gentle, be slow. Do what you can. Do not overdo or overstimulate your skin.

If you experience pain, be mindful. Observe if the pain is helpful or hurtful. In the words of my yoga Guru, B. K S Iyengar “Pain comes as our Guru to teach us” Respect the pain and test your comfort zone with mindful intelligence. Do not massage if skin is broken, congested with acne vulgaris, pimples, is wounded or if you are healing from any trauma or have a flu.
Massaging with our Kwansha Coin helps tone, firm and lift from the deepest layers of the skin and musculature, imparting vitality, glow and elasticity. Tones the jaw, jowls, and moon rings on the neck.

Draws out toxins, relieves puffiness, congestion, edema and water retention. In time the face will feel energized, fitter and brighter!

Work the Kwansha Coin on the mouth, cheek, jaw and neck muscles to counter the sagging effects of gravity and time.

One of the visible benefits of the Kwansha Coin massage is the release of acidity and toxins from the skin and the system.. Certain areas of your skin may turn gray or black, indicating excess acidity and blocked prana energy in that area. Wipe or wash away the toxins with a wet cloth.

A healthy face radiates vitality and glow at any age, and is a result of many factors. Nature and genetics matter, as does nurture: food, lifestyle, and skincare rituals that incorporate detoxifying and toning facial massages. Enjoy the healing results of the Kwansha Coin for beauty that radiates from the inside out!






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