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What is Niacinamide and how is it used?

What is Niacinamide and how is it used?

Niacinamide is your Skincare BFF. It had definitely sprung up as the It-skincare ingredient and celebrated as a Holy Grail solution to treat various skin issues that have been aggravated with the influx of maskne and looming pandemic stress.  It is loved for miraculous skin care benefits that reverse and prevent the signs of aging, brighten and smoothen skin texture. Niacinamide is also known to calm inflammation, redness and effectively reduce hyperpigmentation.  Here’s hand-down information on what niacinamide is and its multitude of benefits.

What is Niacinamide?

Niacinamide is a form of water-soluble Vitamin B3, which is not found in the skin. We usually get this vitamin through the foods we eat, topical creams, and lotions. This amazing skincare ingredient is touted for its anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and skin-brightening properties. It effectively reduces the impact of environmental damage and strengthens the skin’s barrier while boosting the hydration in the skin. What’s more, do you need skincare?

How to Niacinamide the right way?

To reap the maximum skincare benefits, include niacinamide in your skincare routine in the form of cream, lotion, or serum to let it sit on your skin for longer and do the job.  It penetrates well into the skin and absorbs quickly. It can be used anytime through the day, use it twice daily in combination with other products. Typically, serums are the most potent way to incorporate active ingredients into the regime. We suggest starting slowly with a low concentration of niacinamide and gradually increase the value when your skin is used to the treatment.

How to use Niacinamide with other ingredients for maximal results?

If you have dark spots and hyperpigmentation, use niacinamide with brightening ingredients such as vitamin C or kojic acid, which are naturally derived. This combination fights discoloration and treats post-blemish marks while enhancing the complexion. You can also incorporate liquorice root-based products to do the magic for you. However, always remember to slather your skin with sunscreen to avoid harsh sun rays damaging your skin further. Add these skin-loving ingredients like peptides, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid with niacinamide to experience healthy and radiant skin. Here, we break down the benefits of each ingredient to help you understand better.


They are the short chains of amino acids that act as building blocks for protein present in the skin. When it is applied topically, it sends cellular signals to cells to produce more collagen. Hence, improves skin elasticity.


They are the waxy lipid molecules found in between skin cells. External factors like pollution can disrupt the outer layer of the skin, which locks in the moisture and acts as a barrier against the aggressors. Thus, it strengthens the skin barrier.

Hyaluronic Acid

They can hold up to 1000 times their weight and miraculously hydrates the parched skin. When applied to the skin, it creates a protective layer, locks in the moisture, and makes skin plump. As we age, our skin starts to lose moisture, this ingredient will store hydration and keep the skin radiant.

Here are our top 4 niacinamide beauties. Give them a try today!

1. Suganda 10% Niacinamide Serum

This concentrated serum booster is made with 10% Niacinamide combined with calming ingredients like Centella Asiatica and hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid. This combination works in tandem and helps in improving uneven skin tone. It also refines the appearance of enlarged pores, skin texture, and fine lines while helping with acne-prone skin.

2. Dr. Sheth's Niacinamide & Green Tea Calming Toner

This toner is formulated with a potent yet soothing blend of ingredients to reduce redness, dullness, uneven skin tone and the appearance of pores to give you fresh hydrated skin.

3. Swisse Blood Orange Brightening Facial Serum with Niacinamide & Olive

Swisse Blood Orange Brightening Facial Serum combines some of nature’s most potent antioxidants to brighten the skin’s appearance for a luminous complexion.

4. Koko Chemistry Niacinamide 10% Facial Serum

A multi-tasking super serum that has exceptional skin-restoring properties and the ability to treat problematic skin. It effectively minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores, post breakout marks and hyperpigmentation all while targeting multiple signs of ageing to dramatically improve the skin’s tone and texture.

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