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What is K-Beauty and Top 5 K-Beauty Brands You Must Try!

Koreans have always been recognised for their flawless glass-like skin. Be it K-pop or K-drama stars, desiring a radiant skin like theirs is all you wish for while binge watching your favorite episode of Crash Landing On You!

“In the past, France was considered the global leader in beauty, but now all eyes are on Korea,” says skin-care expert Peter Thomas Roth.

Over the years Korean beauty, also known as K-beauty, is gaining world-wide prominence. With an industry worth over $13.1 billion in sales across the globe, K-Beauty has permeated into a variety of cultures, being inclusive in nature. These practices are not recent, however. East Asians have always been associated with skincare, and for good. Their glass-like, flawless skin is familiar with one and all.

But why is K-Beauty so popular?

The K-beauty industry is gaining prominence for using a combination of cruelty free and unique natural ingredients like snail mucin, hyaluronic acid, rice water, green tea, and etc. It evolved in South Korea and definitely has an enormous quantity of sheet masks, BB creams, essences, and face masks packaged to look your best! They focus on enhancing, nourishing and hydrating the skin’s health and achieve a youthful radiance. Be it sleeping packs, sheet masks, eye masks or serums, they have introduced a revolutionary skincare. The Korean skincare market offers an extensive range of hydrating and nourishing products, which tend to show effective results and how! Korean beauty products have introduced new ways for pampering oneself with an extensive range of skincare products. People are being drawn to try out and experiment with the new products that the Korean beauty industry has to offer. The new and unique routines like the 7 and 10-step routine are trending among all people to pamper themselves and take some time to relax. Observing the rising popularity of Korean beauty products, the storm has taken over India as well and many Indian brands have launched their line of skincare products inspired from K-Beauty. Globally, people are keen to try out new routines and experiment with the products. K-beauty is revolutionizing skincare everyday and will continue to evolve over the years. 

But where can you shop for these products? We have listed out the best and most trusted brands for all your Korean beauty finds. The top 5 K-beauty brands, which are by the way, also available on Vanity Wagon, are mentioned below!


  • COSRX is probably the first brand that comes to mind when talking about Korean beauty products. They offer the Best of K-Beauty, helping individuals with different skin conditions. It is a one stop shop for all your skincare needs with all the skin-friendly products.


  • SNP Prep proves to be a ‘Total Skin Solution’ developed by K-Beauty skin care experts. Providing you purely formulated products suited for sensitive skin, they give you a nourished skin with the touch of science.

  • Dear, Klairs 

  • This K-beauty skincare brand only uses natural ingredients and is ideal for sensitive skin. Dear Klairs products are formulated with ingredients that are necessary, simple yet effective. Protect your skin with their simple lineup that provides everything from cleansing and moisturising to calming and soothing.

  • Accoje 

  • This K-Beauty brand is 100% authentic and focuses on Eco-Skincare at their best. They aim to resolve various skin problems to provide a healthier and vibrant skin. Optimum formulas are created based on research and development with the benefits offered by natural ingredients obtained from Jeju Island of South Korean Province.

  • One thing 

  • One Thing creates 100% plant-based multipurpose extracts with skin soothing and repairing ingredients. These extracts can be used as a toner, by combining extracts, or even adding them to your existing skincare products. This K-beauty brand offers you the safest and effective formulations that preserves and improves your skin health. From hair care to bath and body products they have everything.

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    Nivedha - December 17, 2021

    I love k beauty and its products are the bomb. Loved the blog, its very informative

    Naomi K - December 17, 2021

    Been using K beauty brands for years. They’ve literally changed the skincare game and the way we use globally. It has influenced worldwide and now they’re leading. I’m so glad to see them in Vanity Wagon. Hoping to see more k-beauty brands in the coming days

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