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What are Crepey Eyes? | Vanity Wagon

What are Crepey Eyes?

Every art class in school was incomplete without crafting flowers on a stick in the scrapbook. Remember those beautifully crushed flowers that each one of us stuck in our art files? Those gorgeous colored sheets were so sensitive that even with one gentle touch, it would crease. Do you know what those sheets were called? They are crepe sheets and if you remember them, you have probably figured out what crepey eyes are. 

What is Crepey Skin

Crepey skin is skin that is excessively thin and wrinkled. This can occur over large areas of skin and not just under your eyes, causing it to become noticeably brittle and thin. Your under eyes are easily affected as the skin there is relatively soft and sensitive as compared to skin all over your body. 

What causes Crepey Eyes 

Crepey eyes occur when the elastin in our skin is damaged and reduced. Elastin, an essential component of skin structure, is the protein that keeps your skin flexible and allows it to rebound after movement. Unlike wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, which are caused by repeated muscle movements, crepey eye is usually caused by sun damage or a bad sleep schedule. Sun exposure degrades elastin, the fibers in your skin that allow it to stretch and return to its normal position. Crepey skin can occur as early as our twenties and can be caused by varying factors such as certain medications, genetics, dry skin, smoking, and pollution, however, as we age, the risks of developing crepey skin increases.

How to Prevent Crepey Skin From Developing

There are a few things you can do to avoid developing crepey skin. Using high SPF protection is one of the most important things you can do. Sun protection is essential for preventing protein breakdown in your skin. These proteins provide structure to your skin, and when the structure is gone, the skin thins, which can eventually lead to crepey skin. This condition usually occurs as you age. Hence as you get older, you should also change your skincare routine to fit the needs of your skin. Your skin at forty is not the same as it was at twenty, and because moisture is one of the most important aspects of good skincare, moisturizing your skin daily can help you avoid crepey eyes while also keeping your skin plump and healthy. You should avoid smoking because it breaks down the proteins that are essential for strong and healthy skin. It also restricts the blood vessels, making it difficult for your skin to receive the blood supply it needs. Eating a healthy diet that is full of antioxidants can also help to decrease the risks of developing crepey skin. A healthy diet will even improve the appearance of crepey skin you may already have presently.

How to Deal With Crepey Eyes 

Reading all about this, if you feel that you have or are developing creases under your eyes, you can follow these points to ensure that your under-eye skin remains healthy and plump. 

1. Make skin hydration a priority! Deep moisturization is vital for ensuring your crepey skin is kept under control. 

VW Recommends - Re'equil Under Eye Cream

Using an eye cream is essential because eye creams are a specific type of moisturizer that is meant for sensitive eye areas. This Under Eye Cream has multiple benefits like dealing with dark circles, and pigmentation, and also lifts the under-eye area to make it appear more youthful. 

2. Using products with glycerin, squalene, hyaluronic acid, or panthenol are known as some of the most potent hydrators. These ingredients can help to plump up the skin and fine lines.

VW Recommends- Earth Rhythm Hydrating & Plumping Face Serum with 100% Olive Squalane

This serum is enriched with Squalane and Olive oil which penetrates deeply into the skin and provides nourishment to the affected area.

3. Gentle exfoliation can be used to help the skin under the eye look younger and glowing. Getting rid of the dead skin cells on the surface will allow fresh skin to take its place, making the lines and wrinkles less prominent.

VW Recommends-  CGG Cosmetics Vitamin C Gentle Face Scrub

This gentle scrub is the perfect exfoliant that ensures clean dead-skin-free skin while providing hydration and nourishment. Its antioxidant-rich ingredients help combat wrinkles and boost collagen production. 

4. Retinol is another vital ingredient in the fight against crepey skin. Using retinol helps to increase collagen production, which helps to add structure and thickness to areas that have become thin and crepey, such as the area under our eyes.

VW Recommends- CosIQ Vitamin A-2% Granactive Retinoid in Squalane

This face serum is packed with hydrating and repairing ingredients which help increase cell turnover, avoid wrinkles and fine lines, rebuild thickness, and also give you that boost of natural glow. 

5. Sun protection is of utmost importance. Dealing with crepey eyes or crepey skin, sunscreen becomes that frontline warrior that truly fights the battle of protecting your skin from the aftereffects of UV rays. 

VW Recommends- Dot & Key CICA Calming Niacinamide Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++

This sunscreen has the added benefit of Cica and Niacinamide which adds to the advantage of the healing and reversing crepey skin. Made with a quick-absorbing and lightweight formula, it melts into your skin perfectly providing you with all-day protection from UV rays. 

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