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What are cleansing powders? Best powder cleansers to try right now!

Think face washes, but without the water part so you’re left with just the powder. That is exactly what a cleansing powder is! Cleansers in the form of powders, in which you can add anything as per your discretion and your skin’s convenience. Before K-beauty launched their extensive range of skincare including cleansing powders, women in Korea and Japan had been using it for the longest time. Even we, in India, have already been using some in the form of fuller’s earth or multani mitti. We just added water, rose water, lemon or any liquid based component into it and left it on our skin to do its wonders! It worked as a face pack, a cleansing agent as well as a gentle exfoliator. Now, a cleansing powder is not easy to switch to, especially when you have been using a liquid face wash since time immemorial. But once you get the hang of it, there is no going back!

Powder cleanser is a dehydrated version of liquid cleanser. They pack a punch with highly potent enzymes and ingredients like rice, oats, and other minerals that are pulverized. These are DIY powders, which means you are in control of how you use it, hence you control the cleanse. You want to merely cleanse your face, use more water and less powder. You want to exfoliate, add more powder and less water; it really is in your hands!

Now let us see some of the benefits of cleansing powders.

1. They are Gentle Exfoliators.

Experts say that a powder cleanser is a great way to combine exfoliating and a cleansing step in one go. Anyone with a sensitive skin type would benefit from cleansing powders as it is likely more gentle than other abrasive exfoliants.

2. They use Fewer-to-No Preservatives.

Where there is water, there is a chance of water-borne bacteria or molds to grow. But since this is a cleansing powder, you do not have to worry about the same and hence, it can last longer!

3. They are Travel-Friendly!

There is zero to none chance of you opening your travel bag and seeing a liquid explosion as powder cleansers are free from all and every sorts of liquid!

The Best Cleansing Powders To Try, VW Recommends:

1. Brillare Real Vitamin C Face Wash

This has Real Orange which is 100% natural with 0% chemicals. It gently exfoliates dead skin cells giving a visibly, glowing fresh skin!

2. Raw Concoctions BLUSH Powder To Mousse Cleanser with Rose & Red Sandalwood

A lovely amalgam of exotic herbs & Vitamin C, which helps promote a healthy & vibrant looking skin while dealing with issues like premature ageing of skin, uneven skin tone, tan, pigmentation & dullness.

3. Shesha Ayurveda Tejaswini, Face Wash Powder

An Ayurvedic and effective face wash powder that absorbs excess oil and leaves your skin fresh, oil-free and glowing throughout! P.S.: This is not suitable for sensitive skin. 

4. Myoho Pure By Priyanka Illuminatti Powder Cleanser

Like the name says, the Illuminati Powder Cleanser aims at giving your skin a beautiful radiance. A multipurpose product, it can be used as a cleanser, exfoliant as well as a face mask, it removes dead skin cells to uncover the natural brightness that lies within!

5. Myra Veda French Oatmeal & Charcoal Powder Face Wash

An extraordinary combination of ancient-modern therapies in the form of this facial cleanser. WIth the goodness of oatmeal that moisturises your skin and charcoal that deeply exfoliates, this powder cleanser is perfect for people with combination and oily skin types.

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