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Top Highlighter Hacks You Need To Know Right Now

Highlighters have successfully made their way into our essential category of vanity - thanks to dewy makeup fandom and a high-cheekbone-loving squad. Whether you’re applying on the high points of your face after contouring to accentuate your features or mixing it with your moisturizer to glow like a glistening snowflake in the sun, we’re sure you’ve found the highlighter you like. However, are you making the most of your highlighter? Here, we bring a few unexpected ways to use a highlighter to amp your makeup game.

Make your foundation twice as nice

You’ve finally found a formula of your dreams that goes exactly with your shade, but it doesn’t offer you the glow you covet? You don’t really need to invest in various products. Take a liquid highlighter and mix it with your foundation for a fabulous glow. Always ensure that your foundation is more than the amount of highlighter you add.

Apply highlighter on your body

Wearing an off-shoulder ensemble? Let your shoulders and collarbones glow too. Add a dust of highlighter on your collarbone for a chiseled effect, and you can add a light sweep of the highlighter on any other part to accentuate the feature.

Apply on your lips

If you’re planning to do bold smokey eye makeup and pairing it with a nude pucker, then don’t forget to wear highlighter on your lips. Just dab some on your lips and seal it with a lip gloss for that plump pout. You can also highlight your cupid’s bow with a precision brush.

Apply on your brow bones

Wearing a highlighter under the brow or on your brow bone can instantly amp up the face. This trick can make your eyes pop and make sure the light hits all the right spots. However, do not overdo the tip as it might look like a bright white line in your photographs.

Apply on the inner corners of the eyes

This hack is everything you need to try. A small dot of highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes is just ideal to wake those tired eyes. It will brighten up the small eyes and add an extra dimension to your face.

Apply it on your eye makeup

A little highlighter added on the centre of your eyelid - especially with a brown coloured eye shadow will immediately elevate your look. Mix, match and add lustre to your eyes too.

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Payal - June 22, 2021


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