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Small Sustainable Habits You Can Switch To!

Last year became the period of going back to basics and living life in circumspect. The global outbreak made us realise the importance of the ecosystem, and how not to mess with the fragility of it. People became aware of the choices they made in every aspect of their lives - way of living, spending and eating habits, and even what they wore,either on their bodies or their skin. We, as Indians, have been born and brought up with certain values which traverse from not wasting water, switching off the lights and fans, reusing old clothes as dusters (we’ve all done that), to using the last bit of toothpaste and other toiletries. Somewhere, somehow, we have all contributed to a sustainable lifestyle. If you are planning to go zero-waste, we have curated a list of things you can try and gradually and eventually turn them into habits.

“Think about it. Why would you make something that you’re going to use for a few minutes out of a material that’s basically going to last forever, and you’re just going to throw it away. What’s up with that?”
Jeb Berrier, Bag It movie
1. Switch to Soap and Shampoo Bars

Gradually replace the use of plastic bottles filled with bathing gels and switch to handmade shampoo & soap bars. Or if you’re using plastic ones, make sure you refill or recycle them after use. 

VW recommends:

  • For Normal-Oily Hair-

The Switch Fix Calming Blue-tea-ful Shampoo Bar and Deep Conditioner for Normal to Oily Hair


This shampoo bar keeps scalp blues at bay and the conditioner protects your hair from pollution and makes it softer, gives it a sheen and detangles them enough to run fingers through it. Plus, once you are finished with the conditioner, the container can be reused for various purposes!

  • For Dry Hair:

The Switch Fix Hair Strengthening Acai of Relief Shampoo Bar and Deep Conditioner For Dry Hair

This acai infused shampoo bar and conditioner is a relief hair-care combo you can ever get your hands on. It relieves your hair from hair dryness, thinning and breakage. Plus, The Switch Fix is a brand that is sustainable and creates clean and conscious personal care products that have been formulated to be safe and effective, not just for us, but for our planet too.

    A handcrafted soap bar with rich blends of milk prepared with crushed Almond and Oats. It cleanses and leaves the skin moisturised, smooth and soft.

      Ever thought of a soap but in a delectable-looking whipped cream? Kaura India offers different soaps in the form of thick mousse which you can scoop out and lather all over your body.

      2. Neem Combs for the win!

      As simple and as basic it may sound, Neem wood combs can do wonders for your hair (and for the environment). When it comes to hair, good nourishment and care is vital. It is known for its medicinal properties which helps with hair fall and treats dandruff, is antimicrobial, anti-static, prevents frizzing and breaking of hair due to staticlike with plastic combs. Its soft edges and intoxicating neem fragrance, soothes your mind while combing.

      • VW recommends The Tribe Concepts Neem Comb, a natural product that imbibes the extract from the seeds of the neem tree along with properties like anti-fungal and anti-allergen.
        3. Bamboo Toothbrushes > Plastic Ones!

        Start your mornings with a minimal-use plastic resolution. Once your current plastic toothbrush is worn off, make a wise decision and buy bamboo toothbrushes which can be composted after use, unlike plastic ones.

          4. Use existing plastic until it wears out.

          Plastic doesn’t wear out easily. Say what you may, it lasts a long time due to its polymers, made of simple building blocks assembled in a repeating pattern, making it strong and durable. Throwing away all of your plastic and buying brand new eco-friendly products would be contrary to the zero waste lifestyle. We should try and swap plastic products with eco-friendly ones when they're not usable.

          5. Reuse! Repurpose!

          Repurpose & Reuse the existing plastics and your other beauty containers for something like storage containers, organizers, planters, etc.  Throwing away your still-in-use, functional products under the garb of sustainability will only create more waste. Similarly, use old clothes as dusters, upcycle old furniture by painting them… the list is endless. You just have to look around with a different eye view.

          6. Donate your empties!

          Today, there are brands/organizations that know what to do with plastic waste. They either recycle, repurpose or reuse, or give a free gift like us! We have a program by the name of Vanity Recycles. In this initiative, we have exclusively joined hands with Ecowise, a waste management company that has been turning the spotlight on to reduce waste in an eco-friendly way.

          7. Return, Refill, Reuse

          Buy once, keep reusing! There are brands which let you return your containers, refill them for you so that you don’t have to buy the same product over and over again, like Tinge.

          Every small step counts, make a switch and be kind to the planet, as well as your skin.

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