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Simple Ways To Feel More Positive

Doing simple things that you are grateful for can significantly change your mindset. We all understand that looking at the brighter side feels harder than usual. Trust us, you’re not alone. After a turbulent year, we are yet again stuck in turmoil feeling jaded and in dire need of a solution with no obvious remedy in sight. Taking a proactive approach to positive thinking is extremely important for health. According to the latest research, optimism can have a significant impact on our life span. So if you’re stressed and struggling to spot the silver lining, follow these simple steps for getting back on track with yourself. Here you go!

Live in the moment

Yes, you might have heard this over a trillion times in your life, but this is the key to stay positive during these unprecedented times. Give up on the idea that happiness lies somewhere else and be present at the moment and enjoy little things. Set a reminder to stop and take notes of what you’re doing, breathe and observe your feelings.

Keep a gratitude journal

Kickstart your day with a positive thought and write down about things you are grateful for. It can be as small or simple, but jotting things down makes a huge difference in being positive about things in life. It gives instant happiness, and it will flick your emotions like a switch.

Surround yourself with positive thinkers

When positivity is the need of the hour. Negative thinkers and energies can be infectious if you’re trying to switch up to optimism. Avoid negative information, conversations, or anything that restricts your way to positivity.


Meditation is the key. Practice this every day to free up your mind, ease depression and mind-wandering that leads to unceasing negative thoughts. It’s not a miracle activity, do it daily and experience the change. It will boost your mood. It’s free, don’t give up.

Indulge in self-care 

It’s the best thing you can do for yourself. De-stress with a nice head massage using natural hair oil, slap on a sheet mask with a warm green tea on the side, or apply a full face makeup for the ‘stay-at-home selfie. Whatever it is, take notice of the positive feeling it brings.

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