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September Bellebox: Anniversary Celebration Edit

As the pages of time turn, we find ourselves immersed in a joyous celebration - our 5th anniversary in the realm of clean beauty and wellness. It's a moment filled with reflection, gratitude, and an eagerness for the journey that continues to unfold.

Our five-year voyage has been profound, anchored in our unwavering commitment to clean beauty, sustainability, and your well-being. We've not only evolved as a brand but have also nurtured a close-knit community, and it's your steadfast support that has propelled us forward.

Let's embark on an exciting discovery that adds an extra layer of enthusiasm to this celebration - "The Anniversary Edit" Bellebox for September. Inside this special Bellebox, lies a carefully curated selection of clean beauty and wellness essentials. Each product has been chosen with meticulous care, harmonizing seamlessly with our mission of providing you with clean, non toxic options.

What's remarkable about "The Anniversary Edit" Bellebox is that its actual value surpasses ₹2000, yet we're extending an exclusive offer to our cherished subscribers – at merely ₹999. It's our heartfelt way of expressing gratitude for the remarkable journey we've undertaken together over these incredible five years. 

Here’s what you can find in this month’s Bellebox:

Sugassence 24 Karat Magic, Eye Gel Patches

These 24K Gold-packed eye gels are literally the GOLD standard of hydrogel patches and go the extra mile in the glow department. Paired with the magical blend of Collagen and Retinol to improve skin elasticity and microcirculation which lightens the appearance of dark circles, mulberry extract—an ancient skin brightener—to illuminate from within and light-catching Pearlescent Minerals for an instantaneous “lit-from-within” glow, you’re about to see things on the bright side.

CosIQ Vit B3-5% Niacinamide Face Serum

Our premium Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) face serum formula, consists of 7 active components with a residual acid concentration of less than 100 ppm to minimize skin irritation. This unique formulation enhances the bioavailability of active niacinamide, making it an ideal choice for individuals with dry skin. Experience visibly brighter skin and a reduction in redness with our exceptional serum.

Personal Touch Skincare Makeup Melting Removal Wipes

Serum infused wipes which will not strip your skin and make it dry after usage, in fact these wipes will remove your makeup, remove dirt, tighten your pores and will keep you hydrated after every use.

Daivik Moringa | Aloe Moringa Gel

Aloe Moringa Gel is a one-stop solution for all your skin needs. Made from Aloe Vera gel, Moringa oil, Vitamin E, Tea tree essential oil, it is suitable for everyone including babies. Boosts the growth of hair and lightens stretch marks and acne scars. It can be applied to your face masks, hair masks as well as day and night moisturizer.Especially good for eczema.

ENN Berry Bomb Brightening Lip Mask

Berry Bomb is an antioxidant-rich lip mask enriched with Hyaluronic Acid that has a softening balmy texture, which closely adheres to lips for quick absorption. It is enriched with Kojic Acid that helps with the de-pigmentation of lips and makes them soft and pink. Treats dark lips, makes them look plump and pink, and reduces the signs of lip ageing like fine lines and lip wrinkles.

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