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Pocket-friendly Travel Essentials : Personal Care Edition

Pocket-friendly Travel Essentials : Personal Care Edition

There are two types of people. One, who are the organizers and remember to take everything before they slide out for travel. And then there is the other kind of people, who forget to keep the tiniest essentials like toothbrushes! But both of them might forget the little things which they don’t think are necessary. We have curated a list of those forgetful-but-important essentials when it comes to travel!

We know that you think you have got it all covered when it comes to your travel kit essentials…a face cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, lip balm. But once you reach your popular travel destination which you have been eyeing all year and you realise you have been missing the hand cream that makes your hands feel better in an instant, you surely feel out of sorts.

Below are the few beauty travel essentials that you might often forget amidst all the hullabaloo of packing.

1. Hand Sanitiser

We thought COVID-19 was a long-lost relative and we started getting a little laid back with the masks and sanis. But guess who will make a surprise visit if we are not careful enough? That long-lost relative! So pack up all your masks and sanitisers and then tread on your trip! We recommend the Saniola Hand Sani with Floral Bomb, which is pocket-friendly literally and metaphorically! It is fast absorbing and has a non-sticky formula, which leaves your hands hydrated with a fresh and rejuvenating smell.

2. Hand Cream

You might feel hand creams are not necessary but they are! When you travel to a new place, your skin and body are trying to adjust and adapt to that new environment. Plus, frequent washing, your hands, nails and cuticles can dry out. Make sure to use a good quality hand cream which nourishes your hands and keeps them healthy. VWRecommends the True Frog Hand Cream, which provides 72 hr hydration, and is calming for sensitive skin types. Apart from hands, you can even apply on cuticles, knuckles, knees and elbows too.

3. Perfume

Worried about your perfume bottle breaking in all that traveling? But you also don’t want to reek like sweat? That is where the clean, cruelty-free, portable and pocket-saving alternative comes in! The First Water Oudh, Solid Perfume is definitely a classic that needs your attention! Imparting a sweet woody fragrance, this cream perfume infused with Rose and exotic Oudh keeps one feeling irresistibly fragrant all day long.

4. Hair Styling Products

Tired of carrying hair styling tools all the time? Well, that is where the Fix My Curls Travel Styling Bundle comes to your rescue! This duo has a Leave-in Cream to moisturize your locks and make them stay in place. It acts as a leave-in conditioner that removes frizz from curly/wavy hair leaving them shiny and bouncy.

The second product is the Defining Hair Gel to lock in that moisture and give your hair definition! It forms a cast around your wavy or curly hair, keeping them glossy, frizz free and defined for days.

5. Face Mist

Whether you are just leaving to go out and about for the day or you want a dose of freshness, just spritz a face mist on the face and feel the vigor instantly. A face mist might come handy when your skin is in need of a quick lift up or your face needs a rejuvenation in a jiffy. It is pocket-friendly, travel-friendly and can easily fit in your shopper. VWRecommends the Love Earth Face Mist with Jasmine, which can be used as a skin toner, a face mist, and for imparting an instant, fresh glow. It is feather light and is bound to give you a Just a few spritzes plump, hydrated skin and garden-fresh fragrance in just a few spritzes.

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