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Must-Have Hair Masks To Treat Your Damaged and Frizzy Hair

With the AQI getting worse and the current changes in weather, it is understood that your hair will somewhat suffer the wrath. Some days your hair would be perfect and the other, unrecognizable. The performance pressure your hair faces is immense and to aid that, it is in dire need of a partner.  And what is better than food for hair, aka a spectacular hair mask, to help regain your hair’s confidence and strength. 

Getting your hands on the right hair mask can really change your hair game and bring back that lost luster and volume. From curly hair to poker straight mane, we’ve got you covered with our clean, toxin-free, and natural hair masks to repair and rejuvenate them. So, here’s our edit of the must-haves hair mask for your tresses. 

1. The Tribe Concepts Root Strengthening & Conditioning Hair Mask

This root strengthening and conditioning hair mask is enriched with raw and promising ingredients like bhringraj, hibiscus, liquorice, which exclusively help in nourishing the hair from root to tip while promoting hair growth.


2. Bare Anatomy Expert Anti-Frizz Hair Mask

This brand has always lived up to its name and never disappoints. This mask is a  superhero for your hair as it is powered by unique HydraFuse technology and enriched with fatty acids & hyaluronic acid. The power of it all provides you with deep hydration, nourishment, and cuticle repair. It prevents frizz and also strengthens your hair. 


3. Plum Avocado Nourish-Up Hair Mask

This spectacular hair mask is enriched with the magical combination of Avocado and Argan Oil with Shea Butter that will not only lock in the moisture but keep your hair smooth, shiny and frizz-free for long. The amazing smell of this mask is a cherry on top along with being made from clean ingredients that your hair will just love.


4. Flawsome Wild Bananas Moisturizing & Smoothening Hair Mask

Don't let your hair go weak, go bananas instead! This flawsome hair mask is packed with luscious banana extract, shea butter, and provitamin B5, which combats dry & frizzy hair and makes your hair soft, supple and lustrous. A power packed hair mask which works its natural magic to regain your hair’s strength and shine. 



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