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Monsoon Must-haves In Your Vanity

Monsoon brings a lot of good things with it; a soothing relief from the wrath of the scorching sun, petrichor— the smell of the earth after a fresh rain shower, emollient, supple and refreshing drizzle that enfolds your surroundings and rejuvenates the earth back to it’s natural self. It’s the weather of long drives and sitting for hours in the balcony mesmerizing the beauty of it all.  

In addition to winning your hearts, the beauty of  cool breeze and cleansing rains may, regrettably, be robbing your hair and body of its innate radiance. It is well known that the monsoons leave a high amount of humidity in the air, causing a plethora of issues for our skin and hair. But worry not, we bring you the best products to bolster your rainy day woes so you can focus on what’s more important: enjoying monsoons while they last! 

Flawsome Kinky Berries Moisturizing & Strengthening Hair Mask

It’s no joke that the monsoon hits your hair first and then the ground. Rainy days are vibrant and lively for us, but sadly and honestly, not the same for our hair. Hair is porous, and it absorbs the moisture present in the air, which drastically increases in monsoons. This swells up hair cuticles and leads to frizzy hair. And to reverse the effects of wild monsoons on your hair, you need this efficacious hair mask by Flawsome. Enriched with the goodness of berries and keratin, this hair mask will deeply hydrate and lock moisture in your hair to avoid dryness and frizziness. Use this mask before shampoo and leave it on for 30 minutes, use a mild cleanser and go on about your day with hair that looks fresh out of a salon. 

Myoho Pure By Priyanka Lavender Vanilla & Musk Bath & Shower Gel

The constant pestiferous humidity and the feeling of stickiness it brings along is a big no-no. A good body wash to start your day is all you need to bring back the spring in your step. A gentle Bath & Shower Gel that has a well balanced fragrance of Vanilla and Musk will revitalize your skin and leave it feeling soft and supple. Made with all things clean, your skin will feel alive and radiant even if the weather is gloomy.

The Earth Collective Hair Vitalising Spray

Untamable hair and you have an important meeting to rush to? Your savior is here! The Earth Collective brings you their luxurious, quick and effective Hair Vitalising Spray, that is best suited for all your morning and evenings, specially when you don't have time for a breather. Packed with essential nutrients that not just offer protection but also nourishment to the hair, this spray also helps  to strengthen the hair follicles with its anti-breakage properties. It improves the hair texture and nourishes the scalp.Divide clean and dry hair into sections and spray onto the scalp and hair then gently massage for one minute and you are good to go!

CGG Cosmetics Ultra Protect Body Lotion SPF 50 PA+++

If you are the kind of person who puts sunscreen only on their face, stop. Your skin needs sunscreen all over to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun whether it’s exposed or not. The sudden shift from high temperatures to moist weather conditions affects the skin reducing its ability to preserve moisture. This body lotion by CGG is a must if you are always out and about or even if you're not. With the power of SPF 50 PA +++ and a unique double-action formula containing Glycerin, it protects and prepares your skin for daily battle with the environment, sunny or not. Your skin will feel moisturized and hydrated with the unique formula of this lotion which is also non-sticky. 

Thank You Farmer Sun Project Silky Calming Sun Stick SPF50+ PA++++

Just because the sun is a little gloomy does not mean that UV and UVB rays aren’t sneaking up on you. This Sun Stick is easy to apply and easy to carry so you have a soldier to combat the adverse effects of sun on your skin. It also protects your skin cells from blue light while leaving your skin fresh and dewy.It’s water-resistant property retains the SPF value when exposed to water and sweat making it perfect for rainy days. 

Chemist at Play Under Arm Roll On with Lactic Acid & Mandelic Acid

The monsoons can be a big respite from the scorching heat of summers but it also brings with it a plethora of skin concerns. The humid weather and mild temperatures make it an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive causing itchiness, redness and other skin issues especially in your pits. With Lactic Acid & Mandelic Acid being the hero ingredients of  this Under Arm Roll On, it helps keep your pits dry, odorless and sweat free. The super clean ingredients of this roll on also lighten your skin giving you an even toned and pigment free skin.  

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