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Microbiome Skincare

Beginning with, what really is Microbiome?

It is a group of bacteria that resides on and in your body. There are different systems of microbiomes that have specific characteristics dependent on the microbiota. Being said that, skin microbiomes vary depending on the environment it is exposed to. For example, the microbiota that reside in or on the skin of our faces will vary from those that inhabit the skin of our feet. The microbiome is also known to be unique to each individual - like a fingerprint. They help guard us against infection, maintain immunity and are responsible for how our skin looks and feels. 

But what does it have to do with our skincare?

2022 comes forward with the concept of green beauty, inspired by green chemistry. It lays emphasis more on naturally existing ingredients. As we are aware that there are good bacteria and bad bacteria residing on our skin’s biome. It has a living ecosystem of its own which needs to be taken care of. Enter natural ingredients which help in promoting the growth of good bacteria and demoting the bad ones. After years of research, it has been found that probiotics and prebiotics are a part of the good bacteria.

Skincare with probiotic-infused products help add useful bacteria to the skin and help it maintain its optimal balance. Although they are present in some skincare products presently, they are going to be used exponentially as the research on prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics advances. Microbiome skincare products are a section of the beauty market that believes in preserving your skin to its most real self. Thus, adding good bacteria to the skin and maintaining its balance with gentle products is all there is to it. The beauty industry has targeted this new form of skincare in two main fronts: Probiotics & Prebiotics.The best way to preserve your skin microbiome is to either use products that help preserve, and not destroy, these microorganisms and, rely on products that are made of probiotic formulas. 

Currently, there are beauty markets indulging in prebiotic skincare solutions. We, being one of them, bring you a listicle of products infused with the goodness of pre and probiotics that will get you on the right track of conserving and multiplying your microbiomes.

1. FCL Pre+Probiotic Body Lotion

The topical application of probiotics has been shown to reduce the proliferation of harmful microorganisms that cause discomfort and irritation on the skin’s surface.FCL Pre+Probiotic body lotion offers the natural healthy skin nutrition with probiotics as skin superfood. It benefits your skin by acting as a natural skin immunity booster, detoxifying your skin and strengthening your skin barrier preserving the natural microbiomes on your skin. 

2. Raw Concoctions INARA 24K Gold Probiotic Serum

Products with probiotics have “good bacteria” in them in the form of either live cultures or lysates. They help deliver these benefits to our skin directly. This 24K Gold Probiotic Serum is a luxurious aqueous face serum containing Probiotics that help reduce UV damage,strengthen skin’s resistance against environmental stressors and also boost hydration levels of your skin. A clean serum full of healthy bacteria that will definitely make a special place in your vanity.  

3. Dot & Key 72 HR Hydrating Gel + Probiotics

Microbiomes are also largely responsible for avoiding issues like eczema and psoriasis. As mentioned earlier, if the natural state of our skin is disturbed beyond measure, it can lead to the growth of harmful pathogens, causing inflammation and irritation. This  Hydrating Gel + Probiotics helps restore the skin’s natural ecosystem and shields it from environmental aggressors like UV Rays and pollutants, resulting in plump, dewy and translucent skin.

4. iORA Prebiotic Sleep Mask

Prebiotics act as food sources for good bacteria, promoting their growth. Daily consumption of fermented foods can help improve on its source. Enriched with the goodness of natural retinol, collagen protein and a blend of seven nourishing oils, this mask works towards enhancing the lipid barrier of your skin that falls prey to all the outside damage. An absolutely stunning mask which gives your skin the necessary hydration and a natural soft & plump glow. 

5. Raw Beauty Wellness Happy Dance Prebiotic Gel Deodorant

It’s called Happy Dance Prebiotic Gel Deodorant because it’s stupefying qualities will make your skin biomes do that happy dance . With a subtle and fresh fragrance, this deodorant keeps you smelling refreshing and odor free all day. All things clean, it helps combat pigmentation and provides you with an even toned underarm. 

6. Nua Pore Cleansing Face Wash with Salicylic Acid & Prebiotics

The microbiomes on your skin help protect against bad bacteria that could cause eczema,psoriasis and various other skin concerns.  If disturbed, which they are because of constant washing, beauty routines and ingredients used in them, they can act against us. This Pore Cleansing Face Wash with Salicylic Acid & Prebiotics helps restore the lost microbiomes and gently cleanses your skin. 

7. Green And Beige Moisturaise Fortifying Hair Cleanser

The microbiomes on your head differ from the one on your face or feet and hence need special attention. This Fortifying Hair Cleanser is an excellent cleansing choice for damaged, weak, and dry hair. It nurtures the growth of prebiotic microbiomes and also provides an anti pollution shield keeping your hair healthy, nourished and lustrous. 

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