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Makeup Trends in 2022

Who doesn’t love a good beauty trend! And with new year on the move, Vanity Wagon brings you the new makeup trends which will set afoot in the beauty industry this year. We can't really put a pin on a specific trend as 2022 has something for everyone in store for all the beauty lovers or the not-so-much-of beauty enthusiasts.

The new year has finally arrived, and in the past , we've seen a lot of makeup trends come and go. Some of them made their mark on the industry, while some did not. Today, we're going to analyze some of those trends to see which ones will live, and which ones will die out.

The rising popularity of makeup in the past few years has caused a lot of innovation in the beauty industry. There are a lot of new makeup trends that are bound to catch on in the new year. We'll highlight some of them in this post. So if you are looking for different makeup trends for the year 2022, then you are at the right place. This blog talks about the new makeup trends which will hit the beauty industry this year. We have picked a few of them and really hope you enjoy reading about them.

Makeup Trends in 2022:

  • Drama Eyes
  • Let your eyes do the talking as bejeweled eyes are all in, this year! Apart from that, from colored eyeliners, to cat eye flicks to kitten eyeliner, vibrant strokes of color bring attention to the eyes this season, and you’re surely going to be eye candy wherever you go! Celebrity brow artist Danielle Kimiko Vincent says, "Rather than very heavy tails, eyeliner will be more narrow, begin in the middle of the eye and be drawn outwards to create a natural lift — think slimmer tails with a subtle flick." Talk about colored eyeliners, we recommend the SoulTree Ayurvedic 001 Fern Green Kajal, which is bound to give you a bold, confident look!

  • Bushy/Soap Eyebrows
  • Soap brows are all over instagram and other beauty edits. Why so? With people embracing natural beauty over the past two years, (yes, it’s been two years to 2020!) thick, bushy, natural brows are making a comeback this year. "Soap brows" actually refer to a specific eyebrow grooming method, which actually makes use of soap to groom the brows instead of eyebrow gels.

  • Barely There Foundation and Concealer
  • In the mid 2000s, heavy foundation was all the rage. But with the onset of the pandemic, lathering foundation went out of vogue. Instead, a minimal, natural look is what has been on top of the lists of makeup artists and trending tiktok users! Awarded the best concealer in Vogue Beauty Awards 2021, this asa Easy-Blend Concealer, Burnt Cashew 04 blends simply with just your fingers!

  • Bold Statement Blush
  • Go bold or go home! Applying a lot of blush, not just on the cheeks but even a bit lower than that will give a fresh look to your face, as predicted by the pioneers of the beauty industry. Try the Daughter Earth Rouge Rose Super Antioxidant Lip & Cheek Tint and you will be ready to slay!

  • Glossy Lips and Lip Liners
  • Old is gold. This saying stands true in case of the makeup trends in 2022. All the lip gloss and lip liners are bound to make a comeback this year and are coming in full force! So get ready and get that pucker on the lips with Soultree Ayurvedic Lip Gloss, Rose Dew!

  • Dewy Shine
  • This year, we're obsessing over glossy textures, and not just for lips, but for your eyelids and cheeks too. Give your face a dewy look by finishing up with the Disguise Cosmetics Champagne Moonshine 63, and add a subtle charm to your overall look.

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    Veena - January 15, 2022


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