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Kickstart Your 2024 With January Bellebox

Standing at the threshold between one year's end and the dawn of another, the New Year promises fresh starts and a multitude of chances for transformation. Amidst a whirlwind of dreams and aspirations, the call for positive change echoes loudly.

This significant moment urges a reconsideration of our routines, prompting us to bid farewell to practices that no longer harmonize with our evolving selves. It’s not solely about making resolutions; it's about embracing a rejuvenated perspective and adopting new habits that mirror our personal growth.

Introducing the "Own the Year 2024" collection—a curated ensemble of products designed to breathe life into your daily makeup and skincare rituals. These selections serve as catalysts for a revitalized self-care routine.

Seize this opportunity to shed what no longer serves you and welcome products that resonate with your aspirations for the forthcoming year. Let this collection signify not just a shift in routine, but a dedication to self-nurturing and individual advancement. Enter the new year with confidence, armed with products that reflect your newfound aspirations and herald a year of positive transformation.

What’s exciting is that products worth Rs 2000+ are now available only at Rs 999 on subscribing or purchasing the Bellebox.

1. mCaffeine Naked & Raw Cappuccino Coffee Hair Serum

Your fuss-free coffee-infused route to smooth and healthy hair! Achieve 10X smoother & frizz-free hair with the regular use of Cappuccino Coffee Hair Serum when compared to a neutral product. Freshly grounded Arabica Coffee exuding the aroma that will certainly perk up your mood. Macadamia Oil reduces frizz, disentangles, moisturizes and softens the hair. This hair serum is crafted for all hair types and is gender-neutral.

2. Rustic Art Cinnamon Rosemary Shampoo Butter

This Shampoo Butter will relax & comfort your mind, hair & soul! The arsenal of ingredients like cinnamon, rosemary, juniper, lavender & geranium blend together to nourish the scalp & hair. Lasts longer than its liquid counterparts as it has no fillers. Effectively cleanses oil, dirt & grime with rich & luxurious lather.Soothes itchy scalp, balances scalp oils, reduces dandruff and makes you fall in love with your hair.

3. Brillare Onion & Bakuchiol Oil Shots for Hair Fall

Hair fall Control Oil Shots is a comprehensive solution for stronger hair & scalp. This natural oil gives you the essential dose of nutrition required to strengthen the scalp and prevent breakage. It fortifies hair from within, minimizing fall, fostering a youthful scalp for improved hair retention, enhancing strength, density, and fullness while averting breakage. Penetrate with finger tips and massage for 3-5 minutes. Use every alternate night before bed.

4. The Skin Story Keratin Hair Mist with Kiwi Essence

Specially formulated with all natural ingredients like Hydrolyzed Veg. Keratin & Kiwi Fruit Extract, this Hair Mist helps improve the appearance and texture of your hair while moisturizing deeply. It disentangles frizzy hair leaving behind smother and glossier tresses. It also protects from harmful UV rays. Locks moisture into your hair and leaves your hair looking visibly glossy and smooth. Provides an added layer of UV protection.

5. Manetain Printed Satin Headband

Manetain's most-loved Satin Headbands are perfect for keeping your hair off your face, while looking as cute as a button. Made of premium quality satin with an inter-looping band at the top, these Satin Headbands have a narrow elasticated bottom half that sits comfortably at the nape of the neck.

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