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Kick off the New Year with Vanity Wagon’s January Bellebox

With each new month comes a new Bellebox! This New Year, take a resolution to give your vanity a makeover… a clean one! You get to try different and new full size personal care products and samples each month at only Rs. 999, only at Vanity Wagon!

This month, we bring you the essentials to fill up your vanity starting with the basics! A face wash, moisturizing serum, sunscreen and an under eye repair cream. While these are four full sized products, you also get two free samples, a radiance imparting face oil and how can we forget hair care! Therefore, we included an Ayurvedic shampoo with the magical herb, bhringraj in it. Let us find out a little more about the products.

1. Re'equil Fruit AHA Face Wash

Rs. 450

This face wash is the best gentle exfoliator you can ever come across as fruit derived AHAs help to shed dead cells.  It brightens skin tone and improves the skin texture. It is the first step in hyperpigmentation removal skin care routine.

2. Ilana Organics Pro Barrier, Phyto AHA & Ceramide Restore Serum

Rs. 890

Boosts collagen production, cellular renewal, repairs skin barrier and mildly exfoliates, all in one go. Formulated specially for ageing, dull, saggy, wrinkled skin that needs some gentle TLC, this serum is the closest thing you'll find to a time machine for your skin. AHAs and BHAs are powerful exfoliators that work by removing dead cells for easier absorption into the living layers below. Adding these with ceramides is great to enjoy maximum results, perfect for smoothing out fine lines.

3. Arata Sunscreen Cream

Rs. 499

With its creamy, moisturizing texture, this plant-powered Sunscreen Cream offers the safest broad spectrum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Created to blend with every skin tone, this daily hydrating formula gives you a soft matte finish, leaving no whitecast.

4. Fixderma Under Eye Cream

Rs. 495

Triple Action Formula to get rid of Wrinkles, Dark Circles and Puffiness. A unique algae-based skin tightening formula that helps reduce dark circles & wrinkles. You will notice visible improvement within 4 weeks and significant improvement after 8 weeks!


1. RAS Luxury Oils Radiance, Beauty Boosting Day Face Elixir

Radiance Beauty-Boosting Day Face Elixir is a magnificent face oil that nourishes and enhances your skin to give it a splendid, unforgettable radiance. It boosts the radiance of the skin by detoxing and enhancing the inner layers, toning the skin and clearing blemishes and dark spots.

2. Sadhev Ayurvedic Shampoo with Coconut & Hibiscus

Bhringraj was a magical herb used by Helena, Empress of the Mauryan Empire. She discovered the extraordinary benefits of this king of herbs and used it daily to grow lustrous long hair; a secret that was kept in the royal bathing chambers during her time in India. So give this sample a try and buy a full sized if it does wonders for you, which it will!

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