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Keeping A Healthy Mind During Quarantine

Who would have known that 2020 would be all about staying home to keep ourselves safe, and social distancing would help save the world?

Amidst this time of pandemic and economic anxiety, there are many reasons for us to worry about. We cannot stop thinking of the fact that we are off the highway of life and standing at the side waiting for it to begin again. The duration of quarantine is a key factor in determining how well people cope. The isolation imposed by quarantine frequently leaves people feeling that they have no control over the situation.

But this doesn’t mean that coping with the disruption in your normal routine is easy. A positive mental attitude is so important, because mind and body are closely related. 

Remind this yourself every day that high levels of stress hormones can kill brain cells, hitting insomnia and making you uncomfortable. And that can result in high level anxiety. That friends, is not a good life choice!

How can you keep away those stressful thoughts?

  • Fix yourself a daily routine where you work, prepare your meals and read or watch movies.
  • Don’t become an introvert. Keep yourself socially active.
  • Take on that hobby you thought you never had time for!
  • Get in touch with your creative side.
  • Exercise, your body needs movement to keep that stress away!
  • Talk to Friends and family.
  • Meditate.

Continuing with normal routines as much as possible will help you stay confident. Talking to others who are going through the same thing can provide a sense of community and personal touch. Staying busy, keeping in contact with others by phone and social media, and maintaining a sense of structure are just a few key ways in which you can mentally manage your quarantine.

Let’s keep this at the top of our heads that keeping a healthy brain is the main key to a healthy life.

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