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Intimate Hygiene

How many points would you give yourself when it comes to your health and your beauty care? 10 on 10? Maybe an eight or a nine.

But why does intimate hygiene get below five? Most of us are so intensively taking care of our skin and hair that we almost forget about one of the most important things: intimate hygiene.

 Many people do not even consider it crucial enough to include in their everyday routine. There are plentiful facts which state that it is necessary to take care of your intimate areas daily.

Talking about intimate hygiene is mostly considered a taboo in many parts of the country, still! We are far from a stage where a woman is comfortable talking about her needs openly in front of people without having a second thought.

 Few tips that can go handy when you start your personal hygiene routine: -

  • Wear a clean undergarment every day.
  • Rinse well after washing intimate areas.
  • Change sanitary pads or tampons every four to five hours.
  • Do not ever go for scented intimate products.
  • Do not wear tight clothes, it traps the moisture and does not let the skin breathe. Can also cause chafing.
  • Use gentle and soap-free intimate washes and wipes to clean.
  • Opt for cotton garments rather than synthetic fabrics.
  • Do not douche as the vagina knows how to self clean!


Traditionally, gentle soap and water are used to clean the intimate body parts. However, many people use harsh solutions and soaps which can disrupt the natural pH balance and irritate the skin washing away the good bacteria.


We have some very easy to adapt natural products that fit perfectly well into your everyday routine while taking care of your intimate hygiene:

1. Carmesi All Natural Sanitary Pads

Vanity Wagon I Carmesi All Natural Sanitary Pads

These pads are a life-changing experience! Calling out all the women dealing with the troubles of finding a 100% natural yet convenient pad to go through their most uneasy days of the month.


2. Imbue Natural Intimate Hygiene Wash

Vanity Wagon I Imbue Natural Intimate Hygiene Wash

One needs to clean their intimate parts every day and to balance out the pH levels of your body, one needs to include products that cleanse, moisturize, reduce itching and irritation while preventing bacterial and fungal infections.


3. Bhumih Ayurveda Rain flowers Intimate Wash

Vanity Wagon I Bhumih Ayurveda Rain flowers Intimate Wash

The ideal cure for your vaginal infections, this intimate wash is great for the skin’s texture as well as a fighter of bad odor produced by the acidic levels inside the body. Giving you a fresh feel and good smell all day, it’s a must-have in your day to day routine.


4. Plush 100% Pure US Cotton Ultra Thin Sanitary Pads

Vanity Wagon I Plush 100% Pure US Cotton Ultra Thin Sanitary Pads

As the name suggests, these super-thin pads are 100% pure when it comes to their creation as they are made with all-natural ingredients and do not harm the planet during the manufacturing process. They have great absorption power keeping you stress-free all day long.


It’s not an initiative, it is a habit! One that must become a part of our daily lives. Because as much as we tend to ignore the importance of this, it might lead to some serious health concerns.


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