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Hidden Causes of Hairfall

You are out and about on a bright sunny day, the wind is slightly chill and blowing in just the right direction to get your hair out of your face. Your outfit is on point and you are really feeling it. You brush your hands through your hair to ace your Bollywood moment, but bummer, you can feel your hair weaken and end up with a bunch in your hand. 

Hair fall can be seasonal or a side effect of a health condition, but along with that, various other reasons could cause the weakening of your hair follicles ultimately leading to breakage. Mostly these underlying causes are ignored because we do not deem them to be prominent enough, but this could eventually lead to something major and irreversible. To get you started on your hunt to find your overlooked reason for hair fall, read ahead to know about a few possibilities. 

Hormonal imbalances

Hair loss and thinning can be brought on by hormonal changes and imbalances. Midlife typically marks a change in hormone production levels in both men and women, which has been linked to hair loss in the past. But at any age, hormones can become out of balance for several reasons. One of the most typical signs of thyroid dysfunction is hair loss, which is also one of the thyroid gland's key functions in regulating hormone levels. This may indicate that the thyroid hormone level in the body is either too high or too low. In most cases, hormonal imbalances that cause hair loss are temporary and can be resolved by balancing hormone levels with exercising or changing diets. 

Nutritional imbalances

Nutritional imbalances or deficiencies, which can affect both hair structure and hair growth, can result in hair loss. Inadequate intake of essential vitamins and minerals can result from abrupt weight loss and restrictive, fad diets. Hair loss has also been linked to dietary deficiencies in protein or iron. In some instances, it may also be the result of consuming too much of a particular nutrient. Healthy, normal hair growth depends on eating a balanced diet and getting the right nutrition. Consuming nutrient-dense foods like vegetables, salmon, avocado, and almonds can support the health of your hair and give your body the energy it needs to function at its peak.

Extreme hair care

Sometimes in our flow to get on with the trends we end up adapting to things socially that we personally would not want or bother about. Or we might fall for the branding techniques and choose a product just because it looks appealing (we can all agree to be guilty of that). Choosing hair care just for the sake of it being ‘fancy’ might damage your hair. Not to forget the use of heating appliances regularly and chemical-based hair treatments, all of which play a role in disrupting the natural healing and repairing process of your hair. Your hair needs time and air to be able to replenish itself and engaging in intense hair care can create a block that leads to dull, damaged, and brittle hair. 

Scalp infection  

Another leading cause of hair fall could be a possible scalp infection. Sweat buildup and residual from chemical-filled shampoos could cause the skin on our head to get irritated, dry, and develop rashes. An infection that causes a high fever, a fungal skin infection, and bacterial infections can all be responsible for balding or thinning hair.

With that, we also have a specially curated list of products that will help reduce your hair fall. 

Power Gummies Hair & Nail Vitamins with Biotin

As mentioned above, a lack of vitamins and nutrients in our diet can lead to the weakening of our hair and hence cause hair fall. These Biotin Gummies are the ultimate fix for that. With our fast-paced life, they come in as a master key to make up for all the lack of essential vitamins. These multivitamin gummies are delicious and boost your metabolism-enhancing your overall functioning & promoting the growth of new hair.  

Juicy Chemistry Organic Hair Mask for Itchy and Flaky Scalp with Neem Butter, Pumpkin, and Ginger

This scalp repair masque uses powerful ingredients to improve scalp condition and provide deep conditioning and nourishment to hair and scalp that leaves your hair soft, dandruff-free, healthy, and strong. Enriched with antibacterial ingredients like neem and ginger, it helps combat bacterial build-up that might damage your skin and hence the growth of your hair, by maintaining the pH level of your scalp and moisturizing it with Vitamin E. 

Protouch Biotin & Collagen Hair Growth Drops

These Hair Growth Drops are enriched with the power of all things clean that your scalp requires to boost and repair your hair follicles from the root. Its Biotin and Collagen formulations aid in rapidly increasing hair stem cell activity and nourishes hair follicles to promote healthier hair growth. 

Love Earth Hair Fall Control Scalp Treatment

This scalp treatment is a rapid absorbing and lightweight hydration boost for the hair. It nourishes, softens, and revitalizes dry and damaged hair with premium, bioactive botanical ingredients. Rich in antioxidants, this serum helps form a protective barrier from UV and blue rays. An all-rounder anti hair fall serum to control the damage and improve your hair health.

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