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Healthy Gut Means Healthy Skin, Know How!

Call it a gut feeling or not. We’ve realized that it’s not only our brains that control our body.  A lot of study has proved it that our gut has a stronghold on our health. But, here the question arises, does it have a control over our skin too? Could our skin-related problems be a sign that our gut health is awry?

You know what our skin is a magic mirror! It reflects clues about how healthy our habits are and what is happening to our body internally. Our skin needs a constant supply of vitamins and minerals as well as gallons of water to look and feel healthy. If you deprive your body from the daily dose of nutrients, by consuming a diet high in sugar and saturated fats, then your skin starts to suffer in the long run. Radiant skin is a sign you are healthy inside and outside.

How are gut health and skin health connected?

A balanced diet is what you need to maintain a healthy skin and gut axis. Our gut comprises millions of microbial cells – bacteria, viruses, and yeasts. There are good and bad microbial cells that help in keeping the illness at bay.

These cells play a significant role in the digestion process. Stress and unhealthy diet can lead to an imbalance. When the imbalance disrupts the bacteria in your gut, there can be inflammation in the body – and that’s where your skin health gets affected.

In a world where we just rely on medicines to treat any health issue, sometimes we simply ignore that a slight change in our lifestyle can be an effective alternative. Here are a few tips that can fortify to keep your gut in a good shape.

  • Hydration Is the Key
  • Set alarms or carry liters of water with you, you cannot overlook this tip. It is essential to keep yourself hydrated to have a happy gut and happier skin!

  • Make Probiotic Your Best Friend
  • Add probiotics in your diet to maintain a healthy gut. In case, you are on a course of antibiotics, then taking a probiotic right after can help the microbiome to recover.

  • Eat More Fiber-Rich Food
  • We may sound like a dietician, but fiber rich food is for the win. Eating lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and seeds will support the health and diversity of the microbiome which leads to a healthy digestive system.

  • Sleep Tight, Sleep Well
  • Lack of sleep can disturb the microbiome health in the gut that’s why a good sleep is required for a happy gut.

  • Make Stress Your Enemy
  • Don’t stress, don’t frown! Make this your mantra for a glowing skin. Stress can have adverse effects on your body, it can cause inflammatory bowel conditions and other serious illness. We suggest practicing meditation or any other related activities to combat stress.

    These could be few of the lifestyle changes that can help you maintain your gut health internally. So, set yourself up for a happy gut and consequently a happy skin.

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