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Hair Care Routine for Straight Hair

“All that glitters is not gold.”

The aforementioned quote stands true to its meaning when we talk about people with straight hair. Straight hair is commonly considered synonymous to healthy hair. But that is certainly not true. Straight hair in today’s beauty industry is ignored like Sure, straight hair has its own perks and is considered to be super versatile, which it is, but also lacks strength and volume due to the texture.

And don’t get us wrong here, curlies. We have a huge amount of love and respect for the curly hair regime that requires intense care and dedication to bloom and maintain those luscious curls. But with the hype around the same, our dear straight hair friends might feel a little left out. Straight hair is beautiful (like all other hair textures) and requires equal love and attention. And to help you keep your straight hair strong from the scalp as well as lustrous, we have with us a routine dedicated solely for your share of fair hair.

1. Earth Rhythm Exfoliating Hair And Scalp Complex

Straight hair girl hair care regime starts with a proper pre-poo treatment that makes way for the next steps in your hair care. This Exfoliating Hair And Scalp Complex removes build up to help reduce that constant oiliness that sticks to the scalp and stops to make room for the growth of new hair. Its rich formula ensures your hair protein is hard and resistant to breakage.

2. The Switch Fix Slay with Clay, Scalp Clarifying Shampoo Bar

Your love for this very sustainable, very clarifying, and very straight hair shampoo bar will only increase— more than ever. It is an intense cleanse shampoo bar that removes excess sebum without ripping your hair off of its natural oil. A sulfate & paraben-free shampoo, its hydrating formula keeps your hair shining all day long so that you can slay while you play with your hair. 

3. The Skin Story Keratin Conditioner with Vitamin E, Argan & Olive Oil

Flaunting your straight hair can never be thought of without the constant struggles of detangling them. This conditioner is your knight in shining armor because your hair would be shining like pearls upon the ocean after using it. This conditioner provides you with instant and long-lasting conditioning with pseudo-ceramides that repair damaged hair and keeps your hair tangled-free all day (if you avoid an auto ride). 

4. Brillare Hair Fall Control Mask

A little extra protection and nourishment never hurt anyone. This extensively clean and healthy hair mask can help strengthen your hair, which is an all time need for straight hair. And also give your hair the volume it lacks. Apply it thoroughly from root to tip after on wet hair and leave it to work its magic. 

5. Bare Anatomy Expert Ultra Smoothing Hair Serum

Your cherry on top and the commencement of your hair care routine with this perfect serum that you will fall in love with instantly. A clean and non-toxic hair serum that helps you fight frizz and dullness and provides your hair the shine it deserves. Apply on slightly damp hair and experience lustrous, smooth, and tangle-free hair all day long!

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