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Enzymes in Skincare

In the skincare industry, proteolytic and protease enzymes are frequently used in the formulations. Our skin sheds dead cells and regenerates new cells, which are composed of a protein known as 'Keratin.' These dead cells on the upper layer of skin, known as the epidermis, give the appearance of dull skin. Enzymes act as biocatalysts which help remove dead skin cells from the skin, thereby clearing clogged pores and congestion, resulting in radiant, smooth, and clean skin. 

Petal Fresh Papaya & Pineapple Facial Scrub with Vitamin C

Full of essential natural elements that offer mild, exceptional exfoliation, improve uneven skin tone, and bring out the skin's natural radiance. The powerful combination of pineapple enzyme and papaya gently cleanses your skin and gives your skin a soft and supple feel.

Love Organically Anti-Tan Organic Face Pack with Papaya & Orange

Enriched with bromelain and papain, this all natural face pack is the perfect solution to remove dead skin, tan and lighten pigmentation while you sit back and relax. 

Lacuna Light Radiance Polish Clay Mask

This red algae clay mask, a one-step facial, exfoliates skin with gentle retexturizing particles and glycolic acid to rapidly reveal a smoother and more radiant face.Rich in bromelain it helps break down and sweep away dead skin cells. It also fades blemishes and evens out skin tone.

Pulp Off-Duty Superfood Cleanser with Blueberry & Green Tea

This gently cleanser will cleanse away all your skin impurities and worries while brightening and hydrating your skin. All natural and clean, thi slcenaser will help remove dead skin and minimise breakouts. 

Earth Rhythm Gel To Milk Cleanser, Pumpkin Enzyme

Pumpkin enzyme being the star ingredient, this smooth and gentle cleanser will help reduce inflammation, dryness and protect against environmental stressors. 

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