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Conscious Beauty: A New Approach To Skincare

If you have been aware of your milieu, you might have observed a sense of shifting consumer buying practices. The word “conscious” is making the headlines and has been trending immensely off-late. Since the onset of the pandemic, everyone observed their lifestyle, their choices, and the effect it had on our planet. That was the dawn of everything conscious — conscious fashion, conscious beauty, conscious eating, and overall a conscious lifestyle!

Conscious Beauty is all about making you and the planet look good. It encompasses everything ranging from clean beauty, green beauty, sustainable beauty, natural, organic, non-toxic, toxin-free, vegan and cruelty free under its umbrella. Today’s consumer is well-informed and wants to make substantial efforts towards the greater good. More and more people are getting aware of the damage toxic chemicals can have on their skin plus on the environment and hence the shift in the buying patterns. This current shift in the consumer's model is being called ‘Conscious Consumerism’, and is consistently on the uptrend. As Graziadio Business School states in one of their blogs, “In layman’s terms, this means consumers are buying into businesses—both big and small—that lead with their moral compasses, not compromising the well-being of workers, animals, or the environment for financial profits.”

Now, when we say Conscious Beauty, it is not just using clean, natural products for the greater good of your skin. It encompasses everything, from the sourcing of the ingredients to the final packaging and deliverance of the said products to the after-service of the same. Thanks to the boom of the digital era, all information is now available and business models are required to maintain 100% transparency in anything and everything they do. That is how the consumers and businesses develop each others’ trust and confidence.

There was a time when looking flawless and beautiful was the topmost priority in any industry or society. That is where makeup trends kicked in. But today, skincare is the new makeup. Sustainability is the new sexy and is no longer something which is just “nice to have” and is more like a necessity. People getting conscious about their health, their skin, their bodies as well as the environment, this is the need of the hour! 

And we are glad and equally proud to state that we stepped up a notch and built a conscious ecosystem with Vanity Wagon, where we are able to educate and introduce people to the safest, most effective, authentic and non toxic beauty and personal care products. 

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Glamcode - April 21, 2022

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