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Brand Talk: Dr. Sheth’s on How to Achieve Glowing Skin

Brand Talk: Dr. Sheth’s on How to Achieve Glowing Skin

When the revered and renowned dermatologists from three generations put their know-how and expertise behind a skincare line, you know the products will be effective and absolutely safe. With the promise of clinic-like results at home without downtime, Dr. Aneesh Sheth is throwing some light on how to maintain healthy skin and his brand journey. 

Dr. Sheth’s offers a luxury skincare range exclusively designed and formulated for Indian skin by three generations of dermatologists. With their immense expertise, experience, and technical know-how, the brand has successfully redefined the skincare landscape in the country. Here, we get in conversation with Dr. Aneesh Sheth to give us some exciting insights into our favourite brand.

Q1: What made you start a clean skincare brand for Indian skin?

Indian skin is so different from other skin types we have melanin, pollution, epidemics like PCOD, and Diabetes - all these impact our skin biology and make our skin unique. It’s time we got our due in the form of solutions that are formulated for our skin types.

Q2: How has your journey been so far?

It has been an exciting journey. I get a lot of creative satisfaction from building out our formulations and finding new ways to help our customers do better with their skin health. The clinic-at-home range was particularly enthralling since we took customer’s feedback around the need for products that are completely free of fragrance and essential oils and evolved around it. Given how customers look for transparency in their products, our range provides a complete ingredient list in descending order, directions, and instructions on how to use each product, all this to enable our customers to make more informed decisions about their skincare.

Q3: What makes Dr. Sheth’s unique as a brand? 

Our formulations are designed to be a solution specifically for concerns related to Indian skin. We tap into our natural roots and bring our three generations of expertise in understanding what works best for Indian skin into each formulation that we create.

Q4: How important is it to add acids to the skincare regime?

Depending on the kind of acid, I’d say they are very important to us. Vitamin C, AHAs, BHAs, Fatty Acids, Hyaluronic Acid - all form a vital part of our skin routine. Acids can do wonderful things for our skin, from exfoliating by sloughing away dead skin and pore-clogging elements to encouraging cellular turnover and more, leading to revitalized skin.

Q5: What is an ideal skincare routine according to you?

One that takes into account taking care of our beauty needs both inside and on the outside. Sunscreen, our Amla Vit C Serum during the day, and our Rosehip and Retinoid at night. Of course, not to forget taking care of beauty needs from within, with our Brightamins, twice a day!

Q6: What is that one product you recommend, regardless of gender, skin type, or age?

I would say our Brightamins. It is safe for almost all people and introduces vital vitamins into our system which we need to nourish our skin and hair from within, effectively supplementing our skin wellness routines.

Q7: What’s next in the pipeline for Dr.sheths?

We are on an exciting path as always to find new ways to be the skin-health partner our customers need us to be.

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