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Best Wellness Products at Vanity Wagon

Salty summers and messy monsoons are for you to be out and about enjoying the changing weather. But it also calls for you to be on the lookout and take extra precautions.Your overall wellness is not just limited to your mental or physical well-being, but a balance of the two. Several aspects of your lifestyle are regarded as dimensions of your wellness; social connection, exercise, nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness. Every one of them has an effect on your physical and mental health.

We have curated a list of the best of wellness products available on Vanity Wagon, that you need to make your lifestyle better and healthier.

Nua Ultra Thin Rash Free Sanitary Pads with Disposal Cover

The onset of summer has its own charm. But this charm is often marred by intense sweat and irritation that comes along with it, especially when you’re on your periods. Sweat in your intimate areas and rashes that come along with it isn't really something to look forward to. This is why you should switch to Nua Ultra Thin Rash Free Sanitary Pads, which are made of superior quality non-woven fabric with a super-absorbent core. The sanitary pads do not have any harmful chemicals, prints or perfume on the top layer to avoid rashes and come with wider backs for full coverage. The pack contains three different sized pads for three different flows (heavy, medium and light) and each sanitary pad comes in paper based hygienic disposal covers for a hassle-free period experience.

Chemist at Play Under Arm Roll On with Lactic Acid & Mandelic Acid

Using a roll-on can save you from sweating your pits when you’re out and about. A good roll-on deodorant can help you keep from forming pools of germs and uneasiness that comes along with it. Chemist At Play comes to your rescue with their Under Arm Roll On that is enriched with lactic and mandelic acid to treat hyperpigmentation and dark spots and keep your pits sweat & odor free for a banging day ahead. 

WLTH Mood Lift

Some days are just gloomy and some days are just straight up wicked. Now even though we cannot travel and give you snuggles with your favorite ice cream, we can definitely recommend a product that will feel like a warm hug. WLTH Mood Lift is a carefully formulated solution with a high concentration of active ingredients that improves mood and upregulates the Happy Hormones.

Carmesi Brease, Bra Stress Relief

Going out with your besties can be fun but it does become stressful for your breasties if they’re not taken care of. They do hang tight with you (pun intended) in your thick & thins, but that can be painful sometimes. BREASE is the first-of-its-kind Bra Stress solution. It is an all-natural blend that instantly cools stressed skin, relieving discomfort from bra lines. The blend comes in a convenient roll-on bottle and has been clinically proven to be completely safe for everyday use.

House of Beauty Immunity Booster with Elderberry, Astragalus & Pomegranate

Fast paced life calls for a balance of nutrients and vitamins for overall wellness throughout. Nutraceutical supplements made by House of Beauty India are designed exclusively for Indian skin that help build overall immunity, skin health, hair health and strong nails. An immunity booster with so many more benefits than just boosting your immunity and completely safe to use as it is made with all things good and natural. 

Yoga Bar Multigrain Energy Bar Variety Box (Vanilla Almond, Orange Cashew, Chocolate Chunk Nut, Nuts and Seeds) Box of 10 Bars - 38gm X 10 Bars

Dont miss out on any adventures just because you’re low on energy. Carry an energy booster around with yourself whenever you know you’re going to be out for a while. Each bar is the powerhouse of Protein & Fiber and comes from the purest of oats, millet & almonds, so you know it’s going to make your body happy as much as the delicious taste would make you.

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