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Best Facial Oils For Every Skin Type

Not many of us are happy with the idea of adding oils to our skincare routine thinking it might add more oiliness to our skin or make it look greasy.

Well, guess what, we have been wrong all these years!

Facial oils complement everyday skincare products we use, like the daily moisturizer or night cream, especially during dry winter months.


What are the benefits of using oils?

The benefits of incorporating a face oil into your skin-care routine largely depend on the type of oil and its composition. Facial oil is one product that can actually treat your skin issues while giving you the bright, glowy, clear face of your dreams.

We have rounded up some great facial oils that not only fight your skin concerns but make your skin feel better by the day!

Vanity Wagon I Indulgeo Essentials Squalane Skin Hydrator

This skin hydrator is perfect to give your skin the flush of glow and health. Use it daily in your skincare routine to let the natural ingredients do their magic


Vanity Wagon I Juicy Chemistry Organic Facial Oil For Illuminating & Moisturizing with Saffron and Red Raspberry

Saffron and raspberry possess some incredible skin-care benefits and work magic on the skin. Curated with the same, this facial oil brightens and nourishes your skin and gives it long-lasting health.


Vanity Wagon I Bhumih Ayurveda Tarini, Beauty Oil

This beauty oil is multipurpose and can be used even as a hydrator before applying makeup. Totally free of chemicals, this can be your next favourite skincare product.


Vanity Wagon I SKÖG Beech Bud Serum of Youth, Face Oil

This face oil is packed with nutrients to plump up the skin, boosting the cell production as well as collagen while also fighting concerns like dullness, dark spots, and sun damage.


Vanity Wagon I Ohria Ayurveda Shrikamya Facial Beauty Oil, Skin Lightening & Firming
Plant-derived, this beauty oil protects the skin from the sun and weather issues and is a perfect go-to product for brightening the skin and giving it proper elasticity.


Note: Facial oils are a supercharged blend of ingredients that deliver a serious dose of glow, life, and health to the skin. Truly an amazing investment in your daily life and to your skincare routine.


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