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Beauty Snacking: A Self-Care Trend Here To Stay!

Sadly, without any relation to food, Beauty Snacking, according to WGSN, is a trend that tells us to make use of “flash” treatments for your skin. Flash treatment is basically utilizing your time while you are at your workstation so that you can catch up with your beauty routines. Just like a snack which you can have on-the-go, there are beauty products that can be deployed easily.

With the onset of the pandemic, our personal and professional lives were deranged. With us sitting behind the screens the entire time, it became difficult to balance and give suitable time for personal care. That is when we unconsciously started to use hand creams, face mists, in the middle of work breaks. This trend believed in using products that left minimal mess, are easy to use, portable, and are mostly aligned with the theory of skinmalism. Essentially, WGSN also described it as "micro beauty moments" to "break up the homeworking lifestyle or create moments of pleasure."

People who are concerned about their skin health and skincare fanatics quickly picked up pace on this new beauty trend and therefore it gradually gained momentum. This trend got fast-tracked while we were in the work from home lifestyle. Though it started in the pandemic, WGSN suggests that Beauty Snacking will continue in the third year of the pandemic as well, even though we have started filling up spaces on-site.

How can you beauty-snack?

It's easy! Just spare 5 minutes from your monotonous work routines and pick one skincare/beauty product, one at a time! As already mentioned above, face mists and hand creams are one way of beauty snacking. Other than that, lip oils, lip balms and lip masks are the lip products your lips can snack on (not literally!) Facial tools, sunscreen, roll ons and beauty/vitamin supplements are also some of the plethora of options you can count on for beauty snacking!

1. Lip Care- Ruby's Organics Lip Oil Gloss, Dahlia

2. Hand Cream- Nappa Dori Hand Cream, Woodspice

3. Sunscreen- Minimalist Multi Vitamin SPF 50 PA ++++ Sunscreen

4. Supplements- Dr Sheth’s Brightamins

5. Facial Tool- House Of Beauty Collagen Face Roller

    If you are reading this while you are at work, stop right away and get your beauty snacking on!

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