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Avocados in your Beauty Routine!

Who doesn’t love a nice, fully-ripe avocado? We do!

A superfood that keeps our cholesterol low and heart healthy, avocado sure is everyone’s favourite.

But forget the kitchen and learn some unknown advantages of adding avocados in your beauty and skincare routine.


Few points to understand why avocados are great to boost your skin’s health:-

Natural exfoliation

A powerhouse of antioxidants and minerals, avocados help remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and exfoliate the skin from within. 


Avocados enriched with vitamin C and vitamin E fight free radical formation and keep your skin young and healthy.

No Acne

The inflammatory and antimicrobial properties present in avocados help prevent excess oil production on the face causing less acne.

Glowing skin

Avocados have some powerful antioxidants that nourish your skin while the vitamins give it a perfect glow.

Smooth and clear skin

Applying avocados on your face routinely can help your skin get clear away all the impurities and become soft and smooth for a longer time.

Great moisturizer

Avocado pulp is a treasure trove of linoleic acid and vitamin E that helps moisturize your skin deeply.


Aligned with these perks, we have some products that are made straight out of avocado extracts and give you each of these listed benefits.


Ilana Organics Lush Eyes, Collagen Boosting & De-Puffing Eye Cream & Mask

Enriched with KIWI + MARULA + FRANKINCENSE + AVOCADO this eye mask gives your eyes an instant de puffing power nap. A ground-breaking 2-in-1 non-sticky eye cream & mask that boosts collagen and unveils brighter youthful-looking eyes.

Paul Penders Avocado and Cranberry Night Time Moisturizer for Normal and Sensitive Skin

Get back the hydration to your skin and make it more smooth and supple with this night time moisturizer that is made with avocado and jojoba plant oils.

Mamaearth Argan Hair Mask with Argan, Avocado Oil and Milk Protein

All moms who worry day and night about their increasing hair fall here is your solution! This mask repairs damaged hair, revitalizes dull hair, and deep conditions them by promoting new growth.

St. D'vencé Avocado Carrier Oil

This carrier oil made with the extracts of avocados gives proper moisture and nourishment to the skin and also acts as a shield from harmful ultraviolet rays.

The Moms Co. Natural Baby Wash with Organic Chamomile, Avocado and Aloe Vera

Baby’s skin that loses moisture so quickly can be treated with this natural baby wash which gently retains the moisture and is totally free from any toxins or sulphates thus being safer for the baby. 


Votre White Essence, Lightening and Brightening Night Crème

An overnight skin-repairing cream that hydrates your skin during the night time and gives you brightening results on your face all day long. It also makes your skin smooth and much softer with its blend of rose and avocado.


There is absolutely nothing in this beauty world, an avocado cannot fix for you!

Natural is the only way to protect your skin from the external-environmental enemies and give it the life it deserves. 


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