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All You Need To Know About Hair Serums

All You Need To Know About Hair Serums

When hair serums were first introduced, they took everyone by surprise! It was like a magic potion, which was waiting to be discovered by all the people with dry and frizzy hair out there! Not to be confused with hair oils, hair serum is typically a post-hair wash product that is applied to the hair to give it that extra shine. It also moisturizes your hair and protects it from unwanted elements, pollutants and humidity. Before using just about any serum on your hair, one should always know their hair type first, and use a hair serum accordingly to gain the best results! Although these hair care products will provide you with the best outer care your hair would need, yet we say it time and again, eating right is the best way you could improve your hair’s (and skin’s) health from the inside.

Commonly asked asked about Hair Serums

  • What does serum do to your hair?
  • Hair serums form a coat on the outer surface of your hair, protecting it from the harmful elements, dirt, harsh rays, dust and pollutants. It also locks in moisture for a period of time, making it healthy and shiny. It also provides protection against the humid atmosphere.

  • Can you use hair serum daily or how often should you use hair serum?
  • It is not recommended by hair care professionals to use hair serums on a daily basis. You can use a hair serum after every hair wash (if you have extremely dry hair, or maybe an oil-based hair serum could work best for you). Otherwise, you should limit its usage and save it for special occasions.

  • Is hair serum only used for dry and frizzy hair?
  • In today’s time, where awareness about self care is growing exponentially, industry experts have formulated hair serums that are suitable for all hair types. Depending on the type of hair you have, you can choose a hair serum that will suit you best and give you the best results over time.

  • Are there any hair serums for hair fall control?
  • There are different types of hair serums now available in the market. There are leave-in serums, anti-hairfall hair serums, anti-frizz serums, hair growth serums, et cetera. It has been noticed that certain hair serums made specifically for this purpose do reduce the amount of hair fall caused.

  • What are some benefits of using hair serum?
    • First things first! Hair Serums do make your hair look shinier, healthier and glossier.
    • It also acts as a lubricant for your hair which helps in detangling the locks and curls.
    • It hydrates and retains moisture in your hair.
    • It protects your hair from unwanted substances and harmful elements that could damage your hair.

  • Does hair serum cause damage to your hair?
  • Silicone-based hair serums, if continued to be used for a longer period of time can cause damage to your hair. However, all the hair serums on Vanity Wagon are toxin-free, cruelty-free, and are mostly made of natural and essential oils.

  • Can men use hair serums?
  • Absolutely! There is no gender stereotyping when it comes to skin and hair care products (and why should there be?). Males and females can equally use any product, as long as they know their respective skin and hair type. You can find hair serums for men and women easily available on 

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    Anti-dandruff Serum:

    Aroma Magic Anti Dandruff Serum

    Serum for Dry and Frizzy Hair

    The Earth Collective Hair Serum for Anti-frizz

    Hair Serum for Hair Fall

    Earth Rhythm Hair Serum for Hair Fall & Regrowth with Onion, Curry Leaf & Tamanu Oil

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