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8 Brands That Support Plastic Free Packaging

What we buy today makes us happy and our day a little merrier.

We go on from buying our groceries to high-end luxurious products. But have you ever wondered what goes behind all these brands and their mass-produced products?

 Rather, have you ever wondered how it is to live without plastic? Or what kind of a world it will be once we stop using it for once and all? So here today, we are going to speak about a few of those clean beauty brands who have taken their initial steps towards sustainable packaging and are doing their bit for the survival of our planet.

There is no question as to why everyone is always talking about ‘supporting green’ in today’s world. Because of the pace that we are at, this world needs more repairing of natural resources than anything else. 14% of the plastic packaging used globally makes its way to recycling plants, and only 9% is actually recycled – while a third is left in fragile ecosystems, and 40% ends up in landfills. And that alone can kill our environment more than any of us can imagine.

The plastic we use is our own responsibility. Why say no to single-use Plastic?

  • It is made from fossil fuels.
  • Kills marine animals and birds.
  • Causes hormonal cancers.
  • Pollutes the river bodies.
  • Consumes natural resources in its creation.
  • Burning plastic releases large amounts of gases that lead to global warming.
  • The number of toxins and chemicals that come out from making plastic containers is extremely high.


Few of the brands with Vanity Wagon that support green and sustainable packaging are :

1. Treewear

At Treewear, each product, from ingredient to packaging, ensures that they create as little waste as possible. They mainly focus on upcycling and recycling of their manufactured products.


2. Bare Necessities

Vanity Wagon I Bare Necessities

Conceived with the motive of producing zero waste products and services, Bare Necessities wants to help in altering transition communities to a waste-free environment!


3. Bhumih Ayurveda

Vanity Wagon I Bhumih Ayurveda

Following all the norms and regulations of sustainability, Bhumih Ayurveda curated its products with no plastic and rather opted for recyclable materials that can be well advanced into future uses.


4. Qurez

Vanity Wagon I Qurez

Following obscene beauty standards, Qurez also follows major rules when it comes to packaging and making sure that their manufacturing processes nowhere harm the planet in their way.


5. Klome Essentials

Vanity Wagon I Klome Essentials

Specially curated for a sustainable, vegan, chemical-free, and zero-waste lifestyle, Klome lipsticks cater to all your beauty needs.


6. Neemli Naturals

Vanity Wagon I Neemli Naturals

Highly strict about sustainability, recycling, and reducing the carbon footprint, Neemli follows proper guidelines when it comes to the packaging of their products and makes sure they can be reused in any way possible.


7. Tsara

Vanity Wagon I Tsara

An uncompromising commitment made to nature, Tsara Cosmetics creates all-natural, eco-friendly, and safe packaging that does not mix up with the harmful processes or chemicals.


8. Carmesi

Vanity Wagon I Carmesi

Providing sustainable solutions for the most intensive time of the month, Carmesi’s products are made of bamboo fibers and minimal packaging that is curated with natural elements.


Also, while we are at it, have you yourself elevated on how you can put in your share towards sustainable living being on the other side? If not, here are some of the tips you can follow while making a purchase next time:

1. Choose the unwrapped product where you can.
2. Get your cloth or jute bags from home whenever going grocery shopping.
3. Do bulk shopping whenever possible.
4. Switch to glass bottles or containers instead of plastic ones.
5. Sign petitions to reduce or ban plastic packaging in supermarkets.

While we are well aware of the fact of how important mother earth is to us, why not take a step ahead and encourage ourselves and our loved ones to choose the brands that support sustainability.
Yes, it is possible to live without plastic! Let’s abide by that.


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