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10 Conscious Homegrown Beauty Brands We Love

Clean beauty is more important than ever – with formulations intended for safeguarding skin & the planet. The exponential growth in the clean market highlights the growth of conscious consumerism. Clean and sustainable beauty is transforming the industry with skin-safe and eco-friendly ingredients and ditching toxic formulations. 

Over the years, Indian brands have taken the clean beauty industry by storm. With potent formations that are backed by ancient Ayurveda and science, it’s pleasing to see how homegrown brands are painting the town green. Let’s take pride and pay an ode to the finest of the Indian brands that revolutionizing the beauty industry sustainably. 

Juicy Chemistry

The brand is known for its organic and skin-friendly active ingredients in all product formulations. Handmade, cruelty-free, clean, and free of any toxins, Juicy Chemistry was founded by Pritesh Asher & Megha Desai Asher in 2014. The brand aims to bridge the gap between skin concerns and finding reliable solutions with products that work skin-deep. It is certified by ECOCERT ensuring every product is organic with a sizeable share of the formulations water-free for better potency, efficacy, and long shelf-life. Each of the ingredients is ethically sourced, GMO-free & products are packed in eco-friendly packaging. 

Recommendation From The Brand: 

Juicy Chemistry Organic Hair Oil for Hair Growth and Hair Fall Control with Chilli, Horsetail and Black Seed


The root of Suganda goes back to 2010 and was founded by Bindu Amrutham. It started with the founder and her son suffering from acute skin problems, but the existing products in the market were too harsh. This led her to deep dive into the problems, learn about the science behind the concerns, research ingredients, and take up a cosmetic formulation course. This results in the formation of Suganda, a brand that’s clean, cruelty-free, and believes in forming products targeted at specific skin concerns. The products not only resolve skin concerns but restores skin and slow down signs of skin aging. 

Recommendation From The Brand: 

Suganda Pure Squalene 

Myoho Pure By Priyanka 

The brand started by Priyanka Sarna saw its humble beginning in 2016 with the founder formulating a couple of products from her kitchen. With excellent results, the brand grew more with products with ingredients that are naturally sourced. Each of the products is crafted for skin, hair & hair revival infused with Ayurveda & Modern Science. The brand promises of non-toxic, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and silicon-free range of products. The range of skin and hair care is crafted in small batches, ensuring the products are fresh, pure, and efficient. 

Recommendation From The Brand: 

Myoho Pure By Priyanka The Glow Serum

Earth Rhythm

The homegrown brand is one of the first that invests in independent clinical trials and research. The brand (earlier known as Soapworks India) was started by a father-daughter duo. Harini Sivakumar, Founder & CEO, also a trained cosmetic chemist started the company alongside her father to build a skincare range that is clean, inclusive, and has higher efficacy. Each of the formulations is extensively researched, backed by science, and the brand is certified organic by ECOCERT & cruelty-free. Not only the brand stands for clean beauty, but inclusivity and diversity employ people with special abilities. 

Recommendation From The Brand: 

Earth Rhythm Phyto-Gel with Centella Asiatica & Horsetail Extract for Acne & Sensitive Skin


A homegrown brand designed for Indian Skin; it is a dermatologist-formulated skincare range by three generations of dermatologists. The brand was founded in 2016 by Dr. Aneesh Sheth and each of the products is medically tested and scientifically validated. The sustainable range of products is toxin-free, vegan, sustainably derived, and non-toxins and addresses concerns of Indian skin like pigmentation, sensitivity, and issues caused by the harsh environment. 

Recommendation From The Brand: 

Dr. Sheth’s Centella and Niacinamide Serum


The Jaipur-based homegrown brand was started by a brother-duo Mohit Yadav and Rahul Yadav 

in the year 2020. With a range of targeted skincare formulations that address specific skin concerns, the brand has already become a cult favorite. The brand goes with the tagline “Hide Nothing” and attempts to revolutionize the beauty industry with transparency. Minimalist was born to tackle and address the issue of lack of transparency with a range of clean skincare products that fit everyone’s routine. 

Recommendation From The Brand: 

Minimalist 2% Salicylic Acid & LHA Cleanser

Ash: ba Botanics 

The homegrown brand is dedicated to curly and wavy hair with formulations that are 100% clean, cruelty-free, and free of sulfates, silicones, parabens, and other nasties. The curly hair brand was founded and named after the founder Asha Barrak. What started with the curly hair care blog Right Ringlets in 2014 led to starting off the brand. The products are 100% preservative-free and each of the ingredients is naturally and ethically derived. The ingredients control frizz with scientifically proven formulations and transform hair. 

Recommendation From The Brand: 

Ashba Botanics Leave-in Conditioner with Baobab & Mongongo Oils


The brand speaks of breakthrough and performance-driven skincare in the clean beauty industry. The skincare ingredients are ethically sourced that nourish skin with their potent and safe formulations. The brand founded by Amit Patil & Nikita Deshpande focuses on skincare that’s sustainable, and eco-conscious, and ensures all the products are clean & cruelty-free. From makeup to skincare products, Ilana is making its marking as one of the promising homegrown beauty brands. 

Recommendation From The Brand: 

Ilana Beet Tint Beetroot Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint

The Tribe Concepts 

The brand is India’s first plant-based Ayurvedic skin and hair care with ingredients ethically sourced through sustainable farming practices. The brand was founded by Amritham Gaddam to disrupt the cosmetic market with chemical-based formulations and create Ayurveda-backed recipes for wholesome wellness. The products are all plant-based and packaged in either sustainable steel tins or glass bottles. The brand makes it a practice that packaging is plastic-free and products have zero chemical use. 

Recommendation From The Brand: 

The Tribe Concepts Face Brightening Daily Cleanser

Fix My Curls 

An Indian curly hair brand, Fix My Curls is a brand loved by everyone with curly hair. The brand was started by Anshita Mehrotra in 2019 with products formulated using clean and cruelty-free ways. The products range from shampoos, conditioners, and a bunch of styling products like curling creams and gels for voluminous & well-defined frizzy hair. Each of the ingredients in the products is ethically sourced and handpicked for the texture of wavy to curly hair. 

Recommendation From The Brand: 

Fix My Curls Curl Quenching Moisture Bundle (Vegan)

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